Well, hello there

11 Aug

I’ve made so many blogs. So many. I have trouble sticking with them, except for my little tumblog. I’ve always struggled to have a theme, and I think that was my problem because I ran out of ideas.

So, this is just…my life. My commentary. Whatever. There isn’t a theme. I’m just a college student. This will probably be something I do when I’m not  busy with schoolwork and sorority stuff. If it turns into something bigger, that’s great. For now, it’ll just be yet another place on the Internet to voice my opinions. I’m a Leo. We like being heard, so…rawr.

Moving on to an actual post, now..

Today, I went to Walgreens. I had always been kind of a CVS girl for two reasons:

  1. CVS used to be Revco waaay back in the ’90s. I remember going there with my mom and buying baby lotion and (I think) even my first toy Nutcracker.
  2. The town where I go to school only has CVS, so, obviously I have a CVS card since I spend more time and money there than is probably healthy.

Anyway, my friend A has gotten me on a Walgreens kick lately because we go there and buy cans of Arizona tea and drive around aimlessly. That makes us sound, like, 16. If you lived where I live, though, you’d understand.

I have completely gone off on a tangent. Now that you have all of that extremely necessary background information, let’s begin again.

Today, I went to Walgreens because I felt like I needed some new magazines. The feeling strikes often, thus the 10-15 pound stack of magazines hiding under my nightstand. I picked up Self, Glamour and InStyle. I had all intentions of getting a Lucky, but for some reason that was nowhere to be found. I was happy InStyle had Katherine Heigl on it, though. I’m not a Grey’s fan, but I do think Katherine is gorgeous, so it works out. Anyway, the Roberto Cavalli dress she is wearing on the cover of the August 2009 issue is to die for.


But, when you look closer at the strap, you’ll notice that it looks kind of like…a purse strap? Not digging that so much, and if I had the kind of money to spend on Roberto Cavalli dresses, that strap would be a dealbreaker. What do you think?

Well, lying in the sun for an hour on the hottest day of the year (and not having a drop more of color to show for it, ugh) and treadmill time have worn me out, so I’m going to go see what’s on TLC or Bravo and live vicariously through those people. Always a good time.


One Response to “Well, hello there”

  1. Laura 08/11/2009 at 10:20 pm #

    is it creepy that i’m more or less following you across the internet? i hope not. i love this blog. i love that you called that dress strap a purse strap, because that’s the same thought i had when i looked at the pic. i love that i had to wikipedia “revco” to see if you were lying about it being called that (you weren’t).

    miss you. keep writing.

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