In case you were wondering…

21 Aug

I am recovering quite swimmingly.

I went to my regular doctor today and she gave me wonderful news. I only have to be on my antibiotic (which has not so fun side effects like super sensitivity to caffeine aka the reason I could not fall asleep until 6 a.m. and am running on three hours of sleep) until this Monday rather than the following Monday. Also, I’m not at risk for regular migraines, although that does not mean the horrible headache I had was not a migraine. Apparently severe headaches are not uncommon with my condition.

I don’t really have anything else to say, but I do want to share a little conversation the nurse and I had when she was checking my vitals before the doctor came in.

Nurse: So, what brings you in today?

Me: I have a kidney infection and I was told I need to come see Dr. *********.

Nurse:…What makes you think you have a kidney infection?

Me: Well…I was diagnosed with one?

Nurse: By who?

Me: The ER…

Nurse: Which ER?

Me: The one at [insert name of hospital here]

She just sounded so suspicious of me, and while I thought it was kind of funny, I was a little irked. When I say I have a kidney infection, it means I have a kidney infection. You have the stuff the ER sent you right in front of you. I’m not just making this up. If I were unsure, I would say,  “I think I have a kidney infection.” Maybe I’m reading too much into this; I tend to do that. Oh, well.

Sorry this post was kind of a drag. Hopefully something interesting will happen to me soon so I can entertain people with that.


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