My new vice…

24 Aug

is Pennsylvania shopping. Tax-free clothing + outlet prices? Yes, please!

I live about an hour away from Grove City Prime Outlets. For some unknown reason, I’d never shopped in PA before today. This is probably a good thing, because I spent about $200. I got SO much, though. Maybe the reason Ohio doesn’t have tax-free weekends is because they figure we can just go to PA to get our fix, at least for clothes and shoes. Fine by me!

So, here’s what I got. I’m not anything close to a fashion photographer or anything, and my bed is unmade. Just ignore that, k?


J.Crew tissue V-neck tee, $14.99 (originally $19.50)


J.Crew Perfect Fit long sleeve crewneck tees, $11.70 each (originally $19.50)


Gap bottom trim lace cami, $7.49 (originally $14.99)


Gap Supersoft short sleeve V – $7.99


Gap knit peasant top, $11.39 (originally $18.99)


J.Crew Tissue T Rib Long Sleeve Henley, $24.99 (originally $32.50) – it looks black in the picture but it’s actually more of a charcoal color


(Left) Aerie ruffle foldover pants, $19.50 (originally $29.50), (Right) Gap Essential Cotton Capri, $13.99 (originally $19.99) What can I say? I love me some comfy pants!


Gap Square Trouser Belt, $16.99, brown flats, $29.99, purchased at Factory Brand Shoes by a brand called “Hot Kiss”. I’m pretty sure they were made for 13-year-olds because they have huge stars on the soles, and, well, Hot Kiss? Whatever, I needed brown flats and these were comfortable (and cheap!)


J.Crew Hadley Stretch Chino Trouser, $38.15 (originally $54.50)

I am so excited about all of this. I feel like I’ll get great use out of everything and be able to wear it all for a long time (provided I stay the same size)

Also, I finally ordered my Timbuk2 bag yesterday. I had it shipped to my sorority house because I only have a few days (four!) left here. I’ll post pics when I get it!


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