Long time no write…

5 Sep

I’ve been back at school for a week now and it has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in awhile. At my school, all sororities go back a week early for what is usually called “Spirit Week” during which we prepare for recruitment. We practice songs, skits, clean, whatever needs to be done to make sure recruitment runs smoothly. This week was extremely successful for my chapter, but it was a lot of work. Our recruitment chair made it really fun for us by giving the week a Harry Potter theme. She’s a huge HP fan, and so are a lot of members of my sorority. Each day of recruitment has a committee, and there just happen to be four days (not including Kickoff and Bid Day), so we were each divided into houses. I’m on preference night committee and we were Ravenclaw. Throughout the week we got “points” for various things (enthusiasm, productivity, etc.) and yesterday we found out we won by a landslide! Our prize is a “house cup” party and everyone in the chapter is invited, but they have to wear Ravenclaw colors (blue and silver). I’m looking forward to it, and I really think we deserve it because we put so much work into this week. Yesterday, we ended the week with a low ropes course, which I thought was a lot of fun but definitely not for everybody. We dressed up in house colors for this and, if I do say so myself, our costumes were the best 😉


Ravenclaws are the ones with the blue bandanas. We also made shirts that you can’t really see, but they say “Ravenclaw Team Pref” and have a crown on them. On the back each one has the name of a different Ravenclaw.

Another thing we did for points for our houses was a photo scavenger hunt. We had an hour to go all around campus and the downtown area and take pictures in front of certain places on the list. Each team was split in two to give us two chances to win, and both of our teams came in first! It’s not easy to run in flip flops, either.


me in front of one of the spots on our list.


my team! M, me, J and C.


C and me

Today was the first football game of the season. I went with some of the younger girls in my sorority, and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many tailgating events for a football game at my school. They had an entire section for students only, and if you showed your ID, you got a free Chipotle burrito! We definitely took advantage of that and spent some time watching gaggles of freshmen walking around decked out in brand new tshirts and lanyards. Once we got inside the stadium, it was packed. I remember going to the first football game my freshman year (I didn’t go to any last year), and it was not nearly as crowded as it was tonight. My school is pretty big, but we’re not exactly known for football. In fact, most people come to see the marching band and leave after halftime, which is what we did because unfortunately our team was losing and nothing too exciting was happening.


my little sis M and me. I may have “altered” it some in Picnik. No shame.


part of the packed student section


kinda blurry, but this is the overflow seating on the hill


the reason why people usually go to the games: the band. They did a Michael Jackson tribute.


every once in awhile, the band will invite high school bands from around the state to come and play with them. I actually did this my sophomore year of high school. It was my first visit to OU, and within five minutes of stepping off the bus, I knew I would end up here.

I’m so exhausted. Classes start on Tuesday and I already have a reading assignment for my sociology class that I’m going to be tested on. I’ve also been ordering books like crazy because I have 10 books for two classes. Neither are my major classes (I’m hoping that those will only require my AP Stylebook, because even though I’m renting these books for pretty cheap, it’s still getting expensive since I have 10). I’m looking forward to this quarter, though, because all of my classes seem pretty interesting.

Eventually I’ll post pictures of my room because it’s super cute, but it’s a bit messy right now and I figure I’ve put enough pictures (and words) into this post. Hope everyone has a nice long weekend!


One Response to “Long time no write…”

  1. Nancy 09/06/2009 at 10:36 pm #

    Ok, me again. I think I went to a total of one football game for my entire four years of college. I remember the game I went to the “marching band” (about 15 people) formed a circle on the field at half time and said it represented the bald spot on the registrar’s head. I can’t remember his name, but I do remember that he had a sense of humor. Not sure he ever knew about this particular tribute to him though.

    I think the AOPis should start a tradition of dressing up for games …. actually try to get all of the greeks to dress up….maybe even have a contest. I think that, while the majority of students enjoy wearing casual clothes, they still want any opportunity ever now and then to dress up. You could have theme games….all pink …..pashmina day…..green nail polish…..cardigan day. Ok. I’m rambling.

    Nice post, Tayba Rae.

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