The moment you (read: my mom) have all been waiting for…

12 Sep

Room pictures!


our door…I wish I could say we thought of all of the decorations ourselves, but I have to credit some of my sisters for the wrapping paper and letters. The only things we contributed were the photos. Each door has a different color of wrapping paper in this same stripe design, and it looks great.


what you see when you walk in the room. My bed is on the right. We had our walls repainted this summer, and I’m really liking the new color. The curtains are from Wal-Mart (basically the only place to get curtains around here) and I love how they tie in some of the other colors in the room.


my desk and dresser area. I know it looks like I have a panda obsession, haha. They’re my sorority’s mascot.


close-up of my bulletin board that I am still oh-so-proud of…note the Spirit Week Champ certificate, haha.


bed, nothing special…the toddler railing didn’t come with the bed; the screws that came with the original railing didn’t work and I couldn’t find any that did, so I improvised.


closet…you can’t really tell, but my clothes are color coordinated. I’m really proud of this.


last but not least, CHLOE! One of our alumna is in town this weekend helping out with recruitment stuff, and she brought her dog! Chloe is so friendly, and she walked right into our room and snuggled up on our futon, so I had to take a picture.

That’s it for today…probably a more substantial post next time!


One Response to “The moment you (read: my mom) have all been waiting for…”

  1. Nancy 09/15/2009 at 1:56 pm #

    nice room…..too bad you couldn’t keep the dog…maybe Sam Jane will come snuggle some time?

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