What I love

22 Sep

Well, I suck at coming up with creative post titles.

I admit, part of the reason I went to Kroger tonight was to pick up the October issue of Real Simple. And to, you know, buy sustenance. But I’m more excited about RS.

I’d love to intern there. I think it would be so cool. Too bad my father is 100% against me interning anywhere in NYC, which is pretty lame because that’s the magazine capital of, well, the world.

I don’t know why I enjoy a magazine targeted at women at least five to ten years my senior, but I do. Even if I don’t have the means to cook the food in there, or a house to decorate, or children’s rooms to organize, the complete appliance troubleshooting guide might come in handy sometime. I love how the cover is matte and not glossy, and a thousand headlines aren’t jumping out at you.

Tonight at SPJ, we had a panel of three students talk about their respective internship experiences this summer. One girl had my absolute dream internship. I won’t say where, because I am definitely going to apply for it and if I don’t get it, I don’t want to broadcast that to just anyone who might stumble upon this wee blog.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with one of the professors in ye olde J-school who isn’t my advisor but who I’m hoping can still advise me. My issue is this: I have passions for a lot of unrelated things, and it’s getting to the time where I need to sort of narrow that down and think about what I can do with these passions; what I can do professionally and what I should just set aside for hobbies. In no particular order, these are some things that I happen to really, really, really like:

Magazines! More recently, magazine layout – my Graphics & Audiences class is opening my eyes up to the wonders of Adobe Creative Suite, and I think it would be so fun to design magazine layouts for a living. As far as writing goes, I sometimes like profile and feature pieces, but I think that’s where it ends. J-school has taught me that while I enjoy writing for fun, I don’t do well writing on deadlines, especially when it’s not something I want to write about. Some of my favorite magazines are Real Simple (duh), Lucky, Self and the occasional Glamour. When I’m feeling really old, I’ll flip through an issue of O lying around my parents’ house, but I quickly get bored when articles about bonding with your daughter come up. Way too early for that.

Sociology!  I have already expressed my obsession with my Classes & Inequality course this quarter, and I think doing some research in rural sociology would be really interesting, but I feel like constantly researching would get repetitive.

Vegetarianism! I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over a year, and I’m finally discovering new and different things I can eat in place of meat. I could never be a full-blown vegan, because I love dairy too much. But I love that there are increasingly more and more vegetarian options in grocery stores and restaurants, and I love trying new food.

Clothes! J.Crew, Gap, Forever 21, Nordstrom…I die. I’ve put myself on a ban from buying clothes this quarter, but I can online window shop alllll I want!

Making lists and organizing! I always have some sort of to-do list or organizing project going on (I’m anal about my iTunes library).

Animals! I miss my dogs at home so much, and when we were told that our new housemom had a dog (a miniature dachshund, at that), I was ecstatic.

Now that I’ve written it down, it’s a little more obvious what will be useful to focus on professionally, but I’m still really looking forward to talking with someone far more experienced than I am.

Well, I don’t really want to read about the peoples of the British Isles, but it seems I must.

P.S. I’ve paused several times while writing this post to start reading RS, and it is BOMB so far. A feature on their interns, “Composting 101” and “Confessions of an Infomaniac?” I’m only a fifth of the way through this issue, and it’s a thick one. Maybe I’ll finish this before I read for history. This could be dangerous.


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