A sororitastic post

27 Sep

The title says it all – this post is full of all things sorority because today was our Bid Day! We welcomed 20-something (I don’t know the exact number) new babies into our chapter, and all of them seem fantastic. I can’t wait to get to know them!


our banner and our “DJ” who donned a panda suit for the occasion!


Jenna and me. I’ve known her longer than anyone in my class at OU and last year she joined AOPi.


me on the left, my little Mackenzie on the right, and our Panda Pal Terra in the middle. Panda Pals help the new girls ease into the sorority experience and sort of act like a big sister until Big/Little night.


Baby Pandas!


my class, the juniors


the girls I’m living with next year

After Bid Day, I finished up my Photoshop project for my Graphics & Audiences class, and I realized that I am, in fact, only good at Photoshop when I am being told what to do step by step. On my own? Not so much. I struggled with it, and if I’m lucky, I’ll end up with a B. It was so frustrating, because I think PS is really cool, but it’s taking me so long to figure out on my own.

Then I read a bit for Classes & Inequality, put pictures from today and Facebook, and here I am. I can’t believe Thursday is OCTOBER.


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