Food, fall and fitness…

30 Sep

…the three Fs of the moment.

Food. My food situation at the moment is, well, bland. It’s to the point where I dream about food. At night, I literally dream of going to Kroger, filling my cart with foods I read about on my favorite food blogs like Snackface and Graze With Me. I dream about having the means (i.e., a kitchen of my own) to whip up creative concoctions that somehow manage to be delicious at the same time. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I can’t wait until next year when I have a kitchen so I can cook my own meals. I’m getting tired of the same old, same old. It’s good, but it’s repetitive. I’m definitely making an effort to try new snacks, though, because I do have some control over that.

Fall. Monday was the first day it really felt like fall. I finally busted out one of the shirts I bought on my Great Pennsylvania Excursion, and wore another one today…er, yesterday, at this point. I tried chaider (chai tea with apple cider instead of milk)  from my favorite coffee shop for the first time and found it to be good, but much too sweet for me to have very often. It was a wonderful fall drink, though. I really enjoy summer, but fall is probably my second favorite season…maybe just for the clothes :p And pumpkin everything!

Fitness. Well…I dropped badminton. I know, I know, I was so excited about it. But it was at a really inconvenient time for me and now I’ll have more time to do the insane amount of reading I have for history. I went to a core class at the gym tonight, and it kicked my ass because this one was more focused on lower-body strength, which I lack. The last one I went to had more upper-body exercises, and I was able to do those better because of four years of tennis in high school. It was definitely a good workout though, despite the fact that my legs feel like they weigh five million pounds. Next Monday I’m adding Pilates into the mix of the classes I take (core on Tuesdays and a cardio class on Fridays).

Well, I’m going to head to bed now. Let’s hope my dreams don’t involve more grocery store trips.


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