A nutty kind of day

3 Oct

Today I woke up at 11:30 (the latest I’ve slept in weeks) feeling the effects of yesterday’s yoga class (which I will definitely be doing every Friday from now on) and last night’s social. A pleasant sort of pain from my neck down, and an annoying pain in my head. You know how it goes. So college.

After properly hydrating myself and catching my family up on my oh-so-exciting life, I realized that I was starving. I could have eaten one (or both) of the banana nut muffins on top of my fridge. But I wanted oatmeal. Which I didn’t have. So, after perusing Facebook and catching up on my Google Reader, I slowly got dressed and drove to Kroger. I picked up the oatmeal. Then, I turned around and thought it might be nice to try with some vanilla soy milk, since that’s what I put in my coffee. I decided to check out the almond butter selection after that since I’ve read so much about it on other food blogs and it was definitely time to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t expect it to be so expensive. Ten dollars for a jar? After some searching, I was able to find a jar for $6 that looked just as legitimate as the others. After picking out some bars (Luna and Builder’s as per SnackFace‘s suggestion a few days ago on her blog) and a huge bunch of bananas, I was ready to go. I made the oatmeal with soy milk, and then sliced a banana (my late grandpa used to do this, and the smell of bananas and oatmeal brought me back about 15 years). Then, I stirred in a dollop of almond butter and, OMG. Best. Breakfast. Ever. I know it’s hardly original, but I can’t believe I went so long without trying something like this! I just introduced two of my sorority sisters to it and I think they’re hooked. I would have taken a picture of my concoction, but I didn’t want to stop eating long enough to get out my camera. I still had quite a bit of room in my stomach, so I tried the Cashew Cookie Lara bar. I hate to say it, but I wasn’t impressed. I found it to be pretty bland 😦 Oh, well.

I think I’m going to a dance concert this evening with one of my sorority sisters for her dance class, but other than that, the rest of the day will be spent catching up on reading for history and gearing up for sorority elections tomorrow. Very chill, but exactly what I need. A chaider might also make an appearance.


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