Some clarification and even more yummy food

5 Oct

Yesterday my mom asked me if the reason I’m trying all of this new food is just to blog about it. I told her no, the fact that I’m discovering new foods to eat just happens to coincide with the fact that I have a blog. Seriously. There are so many foods and ways to mix different foods that I’ve never tried before. Even though maybe two people read this, it’s still a good way for me to document my new adventures with food.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “food blog”, though. Yes, I get hungry a lot and I’m really into finding new things (at least new to me) to eat, and reading other food blogs definitely helps me do that. I think about food a lot, not in an obsessive, eating disorder-esque way, but more like daydream about what I’m going to have for my next meal or snack. But I think about and am passionate about other things besides food, as I wrote about in this post. So, while I’ve been writing about food a lot lately and will probably continue to do so, that’s not the only thing this blog is about. I hesitate to assign any sort of “label” to Impatient and Hungry because I feel it limits what I feel I can write about. I explain why I chose “Impatient and Hungry” in this post, and I specifically say that this is a “food/shoppingish blog with anecdotes sporadically thrown in there”. I feel like I’ve stuck to that pretty well so far, and I’m hoping to continue to do so.

Anyway, I think I might have needed to clear that up. I had three wonderful food experiences today. I made the oatmeal concoction again today, and I’m thinking that will become a regular. Tomorrow I might try drizzling some honey over it, too. We had elections for my sorority today, and everyone brings snacks because it is a several-hour ordeal. I got a Chipotle veggie bowl on the way over, and an hour or two later pulled out the Clif Builder’s bar in vanilla almond. Fab-o choice. I have to, once again, give SnackFace credit for mentioning it on her blog. Kailey and I actually go to the same university, and, I know this might come off as really creepy, but I don’t actually know her. I saw her speak on an SPJ panel a few weeks ago, and she had one of the internships I’m coveting, so I decided to start following her food blog and it is fantastic. There are so many things she eats/makes that I want to try, and I’m so excited to be going home this weekend so I can have the use of a kitchen! So, Kailey, if, for some reason you happen to be reading this, I’m sorry if you’re creeped out, but I just really love your blog!

Anyway, the third wonderful food experience I had occurred this evening. Lara Bar in Cherry Pie. I love cherries. I love pie. It was really just cherries, dates and almonds in the bar, but it was delicious. I wish I had bought more than one. I definitely prefer it over Cashew Cookie.

Well, friends, it is late. Or early, depending on how you want to look at it. Either way, I need to be getting to bed. Week Five of the quarter starts tomorrow, which means fall quarter is nearly halfway over!


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