Busier than the busiest bee

7 Oct

Dear Friends,

I really shouldn’t even be writing this post right now, seeing as how I am insanely swamped:

Picture 2

See that to-do list? Only two out of the six items on there are crossed off! Still left to do, in case you can’t read it, are: finish an H.G. Wells book for 20th Century Britain (227 more pages, to be exact), write a 1300 word paper for said class (sounds easier than it will be), do a project for my Graphics & Audiences class, go over to the theater building and pick up a ticket for a play I’m seeing next week with my Review & Criticism class, and finish making notecards for 20th Century Britain. Did I mention I’m going home for the weekend after my 10-12 class tomorrow? So, while I’ll get to eat lots of yummy food, a good portion of my weekend will be devoted to arguing why the Britons deserved to be pessimistic during the first two decades of the 20th century and making two excellent infographics in Illustrator. Aiiiie!

I hope your weekends are a little more relaxing than mine will be!  I’m so happy to be going home, but I’d rather not have so much work to do…


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