Fab weekend

13 Oct


As I mentioned last week, I went home this past weekend and it was so nice. Even though I had a paper and a project to work on while I was there, it was still very relaxing. I hadn’t even been out of Athens since August 31 until last Thursday. I arrived around 3 pm and I was hungry. My mom was at work, my sister was out with friends, and my dad was at a conference in New Jersey for the weekend. So, it was just my dogs and me for a few hours. After a bit of searching, I stumbled upon this…


Honeycrisp and Nutella! I’d never had a Honeycrisp before, but I guess my mom started buying them while I was at school and she is hooked. I am, too! I’ve been eating Nutella for years, but I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it with the Honeycrisp, because I think the apple was sweet enough on its own.

While I was eating I noticed one of my dogs sulking on the couch (she’s very close to my dad and missed him a TON this weekend), so I decided to snap a picture.


so precious/pitiful!

Eventually my mom came home, and a few hours later, my sister, and we watched some of Edward Scissorhands and then the wedding episode of The Office! I thought I was going to cry, but I didn’t. It was so cute and something I had definitely been looking forward to for years, no joke. I loved it. My mom made baked macaroni and cheese for dinner, and it was quite tasty.


Friday I woke up early to go into work with my mom to work on my Adobe Illustrator project for my Graphics & Audiences class since I don’t have Adobe Creative Suite on my computer. We went over to Starbucks for breakfast, and I got a pumpkin spice latte with soy milk and their “Perfect Oatmeal”. The latte was wonderful, and surprisingly, so was the oatmeal. It comes with dried fruit, brown sugar and nuts that you can mix in, but I didn’t mix in the nuts. It kept me full until we at lunch here. I had a roasted vegetable sandwich and a salad with white French dressing, and it was pretty tasty! I’d definitely like to go there again. After lunch, I worked on my history paper a bit, and then went to a dermatologist appointment I had in the area. My GPS took me the scenic route, and even though it was overcast, cold and rainy, it was a really nice drive through the country, and the trees were so pretty. I love fall.

Friday night was pretty uneventful. I worked some more on my history paper and went to bed around 12:30.

Saturday was my favorite day.. My mom and sister brought me more oatmeal from Starbucks. After showering, my mom and I headed about 30 minutes up the highway to the closest Whole Foods (sister had to work on stuff for school with a friend). I had actually never been to Whole Foods before, and my mom hadn’t been since she lived in Austin years and years ago. I was definitely missing out. It makes me so much happier than a normal grocery store. Maybe it’s the lighting. Or the smells. It was delightful. We spent about two hours in there, going down every aisle, careful not to miss a thing. I picked up some non-perishables that I could take back to school with me. Some of it I’m sure I could get in Athens, but my mom was buying and, well, it was there, so why not get it then? We then went over to the mall where my mom was an absolute wonder and bought me a pair of the most comfortable purple moccasins, a pair of jeans and a cardigan. She got a pair of some pretty snazzy boots for herself, some tea at Teavana, and some makeup at Sephora. We stopped to get Chipotle on the way home, and she relaxed while I worked on my paper.

Sunday morning we went to Bob Evans for breakfast (really the only meal they’re good for, to be frank), and I got some deeeeelicious apple French toast. Seriously, it was awesome. We went over to Target, and somehow I ended up with another (awesome) cardigan, as well as Matilda on DVD, which was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. I even used to look like Mara Wilson.

When I came back, I was feeling a little sleepy, but I needed to get back to school, so my mom made me some of the tea she got the day before while I snuggled one last time with the greyhound…

"Maaaaaaahm, why are you taking a picture of meeeee?"

"Maaaaaaahm, why are you taking a picture of meeeee?"

My mom snapped this picture while I tried to wake up with the tea.

Around 1:30 I said my goodbyes and headed back to Athens. It was great to be home with (most of) my family, but I was glad to be back. Athens is my home for a good portion of the year, and all of my friends are here, too. I’m actually going home again on Thursday because my dad’s birthday is on Friday and then my sister is going to her Homecoming dance on Saturday. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go to the football game on Friday night, mostly because I don’t really talk to anyone from high school, but we’ll see.

Today I finished up my project and my paper, and I feel so relieved. This is actually OU’s Homecoming Week, and Greek Life gets really into it. Tonight we had a lip sync competition, and while my chapter and the chapters we’re paired with didn’t win, it was still fun to watch and the Greek community raised over $1,200 for this organization.

Aaaaaalas, I’ve gotta get some sleep. And wonder why it is so much easier for me to write 1,000-word blog posts than 1,000-word papers…


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