(Another) fab weekend…part 1

19 Oct

Sorry it’s been almost a week since my last post. Week six of the quarter was so busy for me, especially Wednesday, and by Thursday I was focused on getting through my 10-12 (which is usually interesting, but kind of dragged on Thursday) and getting home.

I arrived home Thursday around 4 and my dad and one of my dogs greeted me. It was great to see my dad, because he was gone when I went home last weekend, so it had been almost two months since I’d seen him.

Thursday night my mom and I picked up Panera for dinner, and afterwards we watched the NBC Thursday night lineup, commencing with Community and ending with 30 Rock. I was most enthusiastic about The Office, of course, but I have to say that this week’s episode wasn’t the best. The wedding episode from the week before made up for it, though, and, honestly, it was hard to top.

Friday was my dad’s birthday, but he was in meetings all day and my mom was at work, so it was just my sister and me. We went to Jimmy John’s for lunch (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a JJ’s fiend), and then we walked around a newly developed part of the downtown area for awhile. Afterwards, we drove to the Gap store in a nearby town to see if they’re hiring seasonally since I have a six-week winter break, and it turns out their application process is now online, so it was almost a wasted trip until I remembered there was a cupcake shop down the street that neither my sister nor I had ever tried. We got there in the nick of time, because they close whenever they run out. I got a pumpkin spice cupcake and she got a lemon chocolate chunk. Both were delicious, and I’ll definitely be going there again.


sorry for the crappy picture, we were both anxious to eat!

Shortly after that my dad came home, and I gave him his card and present (his first OU item – a half zip pullover that I forgot to snap a picture of), and we went on a walk with one of the dogs. He and I discussed the possibility of grad school – a kind of scary thought that I’m actually warming up to, but more on that another time. When we got back we waited for my mom to get home so we could go to dinner at The Office – the restaurant where I ate lunch the week before. It was just as good – maybe better – than the first time. I had the Harvest Salad, which had pears and pecans in it as well as other normal salad-y stuff that I can’t remember right now and a side of mashed potatoes. For dessert, my dad, sister and I split The.Best.Apple.Pie.I.Have.Ever.Had. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Seriously, it was beyond delicious. I did manage to get my dad to smile for a picture with his daughters, though 🙂


Saturday I woke up around 10 and went with my mom to her hair appointment. Luckily, I was able to get a haircut as well as a taming of the beasts that were my eyebrows. For lunch we ate at Rockne’s, where I got a grilled cheese and some of the best fries I’ve ever had. It wasn’t a totally perfect lunch, though. My mom and I had to hear this girl at a table about ten feet away complain very loudly about how awful her job was and how she wanted to run things and blah blah blah. I understand that many people do not like their jobs. What I don’t understand is why people feel it’s necessary to broadcast that to an entire restaurant.

Ahem. Anyway, after that we hopped over to the mall. I got a pair of Levi’s at Dillard’s for $30. I’ve found that Levi’s fit me pretty well and they make me look like I have a butt – not an easy feat! Plus, $30 for jeans is, in my opinion, a fanfreakingtastic price. We went to Gap to see if they had the Real Straight 1969 jeans I’ve been wanting, but they were all out! I ended up getting two long-sleeved shirts, though. We then realized what time it was and that we needed to get back home to get my sister ready for her homecoming dance. We were relieved to come home and see that she had already done her hair and makeup:


After my mom finished hemming her dress, she put it on and her friend Nicole came over.


I was able to snag a picture with her before her other friend and her mom came to pick them up to take them to dinner at their country club.


Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

This post is getting pretty long, and I have a lot more to say about my weekend. So, this ends part one. Check back tomorrow for the second installment 🙂


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