Pumpkins and potential new beginnings

23 Oct

I didn’t realize until this year that fall is my favorite season. Everything about fall is perfect, to me, though. The weather. The colors. The food. The clothes…

This evening I went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show in Circleville, Ohio (a little over an hour away from Athens) with two of my sorority sisters. It’s basically like a giant carnival revolving around pumpkins. They have a contest for the biggest pumpkin, pumpkin food (I got pumpkin cake and one of my sisters got pumpkin pizza – surprisingly good), souvenirs…it’s more extensive than the county fair. Not even kidding.


Look at those suckers.

We stayed for a few hours, but then a torrential downpour decided to occur. It wouldn’t stop until we were almost back to Athens. Luckily, we had Lil Wayne and T. Swift to keep our spirits up even though we were soaking the whole way home.

I know it sounds really, really cheesy, but two of Taylor’s songs really hit home for me tonight: Breathe and White Horse. Here’s why:

Today, my ex came into town. He wanted to have lunch, and things didn’t go over so well, and it made me realize that I’m done and that I deserve better. I know details might help, but I honestly don’t think they’re necessary and I’d like to spare everyone the saga. It’s just funny how one small thing can bring such a huge revelation.

The funny part is that as I was walking away from saying goodbye to him, I got a text from a guy I went to high school with. He made me dinner last winter, and we kind of lost touch for no particular reason. He’ll be in town tomorrow and he wants to get lunch or coffee or something, so even if nothing comes out of it, it will still be nice to see him.

When one door closes, another one opens. I finally believe that’s true.


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