I hate Week 8

27 Oct

…well, hello there!

I honestly feel really bad that I haven’t been very regular with my posts.

But believe me when I say that Week 8 is the busiest week I’ve had this quarter as far as academics go…wait, there are other parts of college besides academics? Yeah. If you saw my life this week, you wouldn’t think so either.


the norm this week

If I’m so busy, why am I writing in le blog? Good question. I need a break that will still make me feel like I’m being slightly productive. Blogging fulfills that. I wish something exciting had happened to me since my last post so I’d have something to write about. But, lately all that’s been on my mind has been my to-do list:

  • 10-page paper for sociology (my professor considers this “short”)
  • presentation for Review & Criticism
  • read chapters 8 & 9 for sociology (58 pages)
  • finish a book on Hitler for 20th Century Britain (53 pages)
  • read chapters 10 & 11 of 20th Century Britain textbook(54 pages)
  • magazine masthead project
  • article for my sorority’s alumnae newsletter
  • get a hole in my jeans mended…from that time I fell. Remember?
  • send back a faulty external hard drive I ordered  😦

I’m going home Thursday after my class gets out at 4, and I hope to have a good portion of that list done. We’ll see if it happens.

Alas, I must go shower now and try to knock out some reading and paper-writing. It’ll be another late night tonight.

Sorry for the lame post, but I would like to make it known that, yes, I am still alive. Mostly.


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