To blog or not to blog…

16 Nov

Hmm, not even a question.

I don’t have anything particularly exciting to report. Finals week is upon me, and I’ve got three papers to turn in before Friday at 5 pm. Totally manageable with the help of lots of caffeine. I hope.

Friday morning I slept in until the glorious hour of 11, and sidled upstairs for Friday brunch – one of the best parts of living in the sorority house. Probably the unhealthiest, too…

I grabbed an egg and cheese English muffin and a chocolate chip pancake and chatted with my little sis (who will be referred to as “Little” from now on). After surfing the interwebz for longer than I should have and watching the AAA mechanic put a new tire on my car, I got my sh*t together and went over to the graphics lab at ye old J-school to work on my final project. I had already Photoshopped all of my pictures, I just needed to lay out everything in InDesign. It took my Adobe-challenged self about an hour and a half to finish, and when I did, I was hungry. I texted Little to see if she wanted to get dinner. She texted back saying that she and a couple of our friends were planning to get Mexican, and would I like to join?

Yes. Yes, I would.

We went to a cheapo restaurant called Rio Grande which is famous for not carding when you order alcohol. We were just looking to eat, though, I promise. And eat we did.


Maggie and Little. When she ordered a fajita burrito, she had no idea it would be so huge.

We headed back to the house and watched movies and just hung out. I stayed up really late for some reason talking to a friend from high school I hadn’t talked to in over a year. It was so great to catch up with him, and we made plans to hang out when I come home for break (FRIDAY!). One of my sorority sisters also introduced me to a game on Facebook called Happy Aquarium. I escaped the Farmville craze, but I’m not sure I can say the same about this game. I’m obsessed with keeping my tank clean and fish fed. My life is really exciting, I know.

Saturday was spent studying at Donkey and diagnosing myself with bronchitis. Mucinex and fluids are my BFFs right now. One of the alumna from my sorority came to visit yesterday, and she told me she reads my blog. So, Christina, if you are reading this, hi! Potential employers: give her a job! She’s legit. K, thanks.

Today was spent much like yesterday. I spent a lot of time with Ian Fleming, something I should have done several weeks ago, but such is the life of a typical college student. I took a break around 5:30 to take a holiday-themed picture with my sorority in front of our (beautifully) decorated house for our website and newsletter. I’m excited to see how it turns out; maybe I’ll post it on here.

Well, it’s Monday now. Just barely. I have to present and defend my final graphics project at 11, and I have my last history class at 3 (thank all that is holy). Then it’s writewritewritewrite until Friday-ish.

If you’re taking finals this week, good luck 🙂 If you’re on semesters or not in school, have a fantastic week anyway!



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