T(of)urkey day and more

29 Nov


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you went shopping on Black Friday I hope you didn’t encounter too much trauma 😉

My Thanksgiving was quite nice. We ate later (5:30 pm-ish) than we normally do, but it wasn’t a problem. I tried tofurkey for the first time.

I wasn’t too impressed, but it does make for a nice Facebook profile pic, don’t ya think? I found this particular tofurkey (purchased at Trader Joe’s and pictured before it was cooked, although that’s probably obvious) to be alright on the inside, but the outside was so tough I couldn’t even cut through it with a knife. I think next year I’ll skip the turkey substitute and just eat more side dishes.

The rest of the spread was tasty, though, so I can’t complain.

You can’t see it all, but we had sweet potatoes with marshmallows (:) ), mashed potatoes with a warm ranch dressingish sauce that was pretty scrumptious, corn pudding (sounds kinda gross but totally the opposite), broccoli with a lemon pepper seasoning, dressing, rolls, maple-kissed sweet potato muffins and of course real turkey for the carnivores. An 18-pound turkey, at that. I think that’s a little much for only three people to be eating, but my mom made a turkey soup today that seemed to use a lot of the leftovers. A few hours after dinner, I ate some pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream as well as another muffin. Thanksgiving also gave me an excuse to wear one of my favorite (and most inexpensive!) outfits:

Each piece I’m wearing? <$35. The boots I’m actually not sure about because they were a gift, but I know they are from Kohl’s, so they probably weren’t too pricey. Oh, and Vic looked adorable as always.

I did not participate in Black Friday, but I do have friends who had to work retail that day, and I mean it when I say that I really felt sorry for them. People can get mean when it comes to half-priced toaster ovens and two-for-one cashmere sweaters or whatever it is that tempts people to participate in this madness. If you worked that day, I salute you. If you went shopping…well, to each his own, I guess.

Instead of taking advantage of the various sales, I was perfectly happy sitting at home with one of my oldest friends playing Scrabble and watching movies. It was so nice to see her for the first time since this summer, and she also made me a beautiful chain of origami cranes and cubes and such because she’s ten million times craftier than I am. It’s hanging in my room right now. I love it.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. I won’t say how old she turned because I’m sure she doesn’t want that information so out in the open, but I will say that she definitely looks about eight years younger than she actually is. I got her a silver bracelet with a running greyhound on it from Etsy, and my dad took a hint from her and got her the entire series of Gilmore Girls. She spent a good portion of the day painting her bedroom because the ugly wallpaper it had when we moved in 11 years ago finally got to her. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product, because it’s a really nice color and she’s working hard 🙂

Later that night we went to The Office, which I think is becoming a favorite in my family. I ate way more than I did on Thanksgiving, and I was stuffed for the rest of the evening, which is really saying something. We started out with mozzarella medallions with a balsamic glaze and a tomato caper compote on the side. So. Good. We were also served bread, and obviously I wasn’t going to turn that down. We each had a house salad after that, and then finally our entrees. I had the Mega Grilled Cheese, which had provolone, American and Swiss cheeses plus tomato. That was served with a heap of to-die-for fries. I ate every last crumb. Finally, for dessert, we had the Best Apple Pie Ever Ever Ever, just like last time. Tasted even better this time. My mom and I split it because it was humongous. If I had eaten just one more bite, I probably would have exploded. It was great. Of course, we couldn’t leave without snapping a picture.

Hmm. Vic must really like that scarf. It’s cute!

In between everything the past few days, I’ve been catching up on 90210. I haven’t been able to watch it since the middle of the first season, and w-o-w. I think I watch it partially just for the clothes, but can you say DRAMA? I’m not normally into the super dramatic shows – my favorite shows are The Office and Glee, after all. For some reason, though, I find myself slightly addicted. I guess it stems from the fact that Big and I watched basically the entire original series last year. No shame. I’ve also rekindled my Gossip Girl love from freshman year…there’s no denying those wardrobes are enviable.

On a completely different note, remember that 10-page paper that I hoped my soc professor would deem A-worthy? Well, I got an email from her today, and she, in fact, found it A-worthy! I always get so nervous when I write papers even though I’m a journalism major, so this definitely boosted my confidence. Maybe it will hold me over until final grades come out on Tuesday. Eek!





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