New habits and new foods

7 Dec

Today very well could have been spent like this:

um, maybe not with my "lady parts" so exposed, but you catch my drift

Instead, I awoke at the early (for me) hour of 10:30 to a text from my friend:

“It’s snowing! (A lot). Just thought you’d like to know.”

After thanking him for being my own personal weatherman, I pulled back my shade and saw a pleasant dusting of white stuff covering my deck and backyard. Then I remembered why I was up at this hour.

To run.

After dressing in what I deemed suitable, I trudged down to my basement to face my treadmill. As I stepped on, however, a wave of dizziness overcame me and I felt like I was going to pass out. This had to be a sign. I went back upstairs, and my dad suggested I eat something. It was a wise suggestion, and I feel a little sheepish for not thinking of it myself. Papa Bear made me an omelet with shredded cheese, tomatoes and avocados. Normally I am not a big fan of omelets but I was starving and my dad makes a pretty decent omelet.

I waited an hour and then went back downstairs to try to conquer the treadmill again. This time, it worked. As part of the plan, I did a five-minute warm-up walk and then alternated 60 seconds of jogging with 90 minutes of walking for 15 minutes to total a 20-minute workout. As I mentioned before, I am by no means a runner, nor do I even like running. But this really worked for me. It was manageable yet still challenging enough for me to work up a sweat. The fact that I was watching Food Network helped, too, I guess. I do the same thing I did today Wednesday and Friday, and then kick it up a notch next week.

After showering and running some errands, I was borderline hangry. Having just read SnackFace‘s most recent post earlier that day, I whipped up a little snack plate of my own that was enjoyed a bit before being photographed:

not pictured: 2 sugar snap peas, 2 carrots, and a bite of the wrap

(sorry it’s a little blurry…clearly I need to work on my photo skills)

Inside the wrap was a combo new to me but loved by many other food bloggers: sliced banana and SunButter. I bought my first jar of SunButter on Friday and it’s safe to say I am addicted. I love bananas with any sort of nut butter, and this mix did not disappoint.

After taking care of important matters all afternoon (read: catching up on Google Reader, Facebook creeping, crossword puzzling and Food Network-watching), my stomach spoke to me again. It wasn’t quite time for dinner, so I snacked on yet another new-to-me food: Barbeque Popchips! Believe me when I (and a ton of other food bloggers) say that these taste just like, if not better than, regular potato chips. I say “better than” because they’re lighter and not greasy, nor do they leave that dreaded orange residue like so many barbeque chips do.

After a bit more Food Networking, it was finally time for a real meal, which was actually made by Papa Bear (again!):

Isn't that just gorg?

In zee mix: living Boston lettuce (comes with the roots still attached!), tomatoes, red onions, celery, sugar snap peas, carrots, Newman’s Own Oil & Vinegar dressing, Geronimo medium salsa.


Later for the whole family he whipped up some spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread. I had some spaghetti sans meatballs and garlic bread because I love carbs. A lot.

Tomorrow I am making a trip down to Columbus to visit Little and MGM! Little’s birthday was last week and MGM’s is this weekend. I’m taking them out to lunch and there is a 99.9% chance that we will be paying a visit to this little slice of heaven. I’m so excited to see both of them and to do some holiday shopping (for others, I promise).

Well, Gossip Girl is on in half an hour and my sister made cookies earlier today, so it looks like I’ve got some mooching to do…


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