Playing catch-up

30 Dec

Greetings from the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee.

I know I said this in my last post, but I feel awful that I’ve been slacking as a blogger. One of my goals for the new year is to become more consistent with my posts (this will be further discussed in a special New Year’s post later on this week, although I’m not sure of the exact date just yet).

I’m not going to go through every day since I’ve last blogged because that would be torturous. The post from here on out will consist mainly of pictures and bullet points for maximum post-reading convenience. Before I start, though, I hope everyone who celebrated it had a fantastic Christmas. I did, save for an allergic reaction to an antibiotic – I’ll spare you the dirty deets.

Moving on…

Saturday, December 26

  • woke up around 8, finished packing the necessities and hit the road at 9.
  • arrived at my aunt’s house in the suburbs of Memphis, TN 12 hours later. Stretched and noshed on ham…well, the rest of the fam did. My uncle picked up a veggie pizza for me.
  • exchanged gifts – my aunt definitely spoiled all of us this year. One of my favorites was an initial necklace that looks like an old-fashioned wax seal:

Sunday, December 27

  • ate lunch at McAlister’s, which has the best sweet tea ever, IMO.
  • flipped through my cousin’s copy of Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred. Was happy to realize I owned at least some of the things on Garcia’s list of 100 style must-haves (i.e. #5 Ballet Flats, #22 Charm Bracelet, #55 Minnetonka Moccasin). Was confused at the necessity of some others (#17 Cape, #46 Leather Pants).
  • went to my aunt’s best friend’s family’s house for dinner. Was briefly treated like I had five heads when I mentioned I was a vegetarian. After that, was asked why nobody told him (the “grillmaster”). Replied that my aunt said she had told him. Ate mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and copious amounts of chips and dip. Took quite a few “family” portraits.

Gram with her grandkids

the eight guests: Mom, Vic, me, Dad, uncle D, cousin A, Gram, aunt M

  • attempted to play this game, but spent most of the time customizing my player’s jaw line.

Monday, December 28

  • woke up bright and early (for me) to go downtown with Vic, uncle and cousin and cousin’s best friend to see the Tigers take on IUPUI.
  • almost wasn’t let into the arena because Vic’s camera lense was deemed too big.
  • watched the Tigers kick ass, as per usual
  • paid $7.50 and waited the entirety of halftime and then some for a mediocre veggie burger
  • went to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks, a fantastic panoramic view of Memphis, and…shop at a boutique?

Vic, cousin A and me in front of the duck pond in the lobby

this is on top of the hotel and lights up at night

Uggs, among other designer items, are conveniently located just off of the lobby in Lansky's

  • ate a mediocre red velvet cupcake in the bakery. It would have been better if the icing had been softer.
  • went to Sun Studio to see where the greats recorded. Stood where Elvis stood. Touched his microphone. OMG.

  • watched Julie & Julia for the first time. Added the movie to my favorites on Facebook.

Tuesday, December 29

  • Visited downtown Collierville. Ate lunch (including some phenom blackberry cobbler)  at The Silver Caboose, shopped in the little stores, and took pictures in the gazebo on the square.

Mama and me at the restaurant

shadowlicious pic in the gazebo

  • got my nails done in a mysterious OPI reddish color (the label was missing from the bottom)

thumb's already smudged. Totes my fault.

  • ate one of the best veggie burgers of my life at Huey’s
  • spent an insane amount of time writing this post.

Well, that’s been my life as of late. Look out for the oh-so-original “end of the year” post later this week 🙂


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