Goodbye, ’00s!

1 Jan

Happy New Year!

I was hoping to write a post yesterday about what 2009 was like for me and whatnot, but instead I slept in until 12:30, had lunch with my parents and went shopping with my mom. We scored some fantastic deals at one of the little shopping centers near my aunt’s house – my mom moreso than me, actually. I’m not complaining, though. I got a navy v-neck cable knit sweater and some grey corduroy skinnies from Gap for about $25 combined. Almost every store that was open was having some sort of insane sale. For example, one boutique that kind of reminded me of Forever 21 had a deal where you got $100 off a $200 purchase. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything that I just had to have, although the place next door did. Go figure – they didn’t have any sales.

Anyway, last night to ring in the new year my aunt and uncle took all of us to Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. When I first heard we were going to a steakhouse, I was obviously a little concerned because, unfortunately, the south does not hold very many vegetarian options. When we got there, I realized it was probably one of the top five nicest restaurants I had ever been to, and I was glad to find a vegetarian option on the menu. The whole meal was fantastic. I started off with a few pieces of bread and a Shirley Temple (my last year for one!). However, I did have part of my dad’s glass of Chandon. I had to take advantage of that; it’s probably one of the few (if not the only) times in my life I will ever be able to enjoy it. I’d tried champagne before this and was never very fond, but Chandon was excellent. Anyway, for my entree I ended up ordering sweet potato casserole, broiled tomatoes and baby spinach. The sweet potato casserole was phenomenal. The tomatoes were pretty  good, too, although I’m not used to eating cooked tomatoes. I wish I had ordered something besides the spinach, as I was reminded I’m not a huge fan of cooked spinach. Too full for dessert, we all went home and just hung out. It was a very relaxing NYE and I’m completely okay with that.

Now, finally, onto the main point of this post, and probably the main point of many people’s posts today: zee resolutions.

I’ll be honest: I can’t even remember if I even had any resolutions last year. This year I have a place to write them down, so I hope that will push me to keep them. So, here goes:

  • Stop comparing myself to other people. It doesn’t do me any good – it only causes me to feel bad about myself.
  • On the same note: stop looking at my “flaws” as such. For example: I was born with extremely fair skin. It has always bothered me that I can’t tan in the summer like so many of my friends. However, it does not take much to maintain my skin and keep it clear. I can attribute a lot of this to the fact that I was on Accutane for several months early last year, but as long as I wash my face every day with a mild cleanser, my face is soft and zit-free, and I’m lucky to not have to deal with the pain of finding a good concealer.
  • Engage in some form of exercise at least three times a week. Remember how I was trying the Couch-to-5k Plan? Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for me. I love doing pilates and yoga, and the core class the gym at school offers always leaves me feeling great. For now, because of my busy schedule, doing a class in each every week will probably work out well for me. I’ll probably give the C25K another try this summer when I actually have a full nine weeks to devote without being interrupted by a full class schedule and other obligations.
  • Blog more, but spend less time on the internet. I know that sounds weird, but I spend so much time on the internet just browsing, somehow always ending up back at Facebook. I could use that time to blog more, which would make me feel productive. Writing a post usually takes me 30-60 minutes, depending on how many links/pictures/distractions there are. There are so many wonderful parts of life that do not include the internet, and sometimes I forget that. For instance, one time a few months ago, I actually left a conversation I was having with my friends by saying, “I have to go, I’m in the middle of writing a blog.” How rude! My friends all thought it was funny and they tease me for it now, but if I did it again I don’t think it would be so funny.
  • Continue to eat well. In 2009 I started eating much healthier, partially because being a vegetarian kind of forced me to (I was a pescetarian up until about June). I love carbs as much as if not more than the next person, but I find that I feel so much better after a day of eating a variety of different foods rather than just carbs and starches.
  • And, finally, remember that I can only control what I do, not what other people do. If someone does or says something I don’t agree with, I shouldn’t waste my time wondering why or wishing they hadn’t. I can, however, focus on responding in a mature and, if possible, positive way. I hope that makes sense…looking back I’m not sure it does. Oh, well. It makes sense to me, and I suppose that’s all that matters.

I hope everyone had a safe New Year’s and that 2010 brings wonderful things to you and yours.

Did you make any resolutions? Which one(s) is/are most important to you?


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