4 Jan

Happy first day of winter quarter!

And…for those of you in a different situation, I hope your January 4th was warmer than mine.

I woke up today at 7:45 sweating because my room was sweltering – especially in my loft bed. Anyway, after looking out the window to find it snowing, I knew it was a “leggings-under-pants” kind of day. After dressing as warmly as possible (I seriously reminded myself of Randy in A Christmas Story, except I was able to move my arms), I walked across campus to my first class of the day, Child & Adolescent Psychology. I think it’s going to be a pretty interesting class, and the professor seems cool. I have class directly after that in a different building, so I bundled up again (if, for some strange reason, anyone in my row is reading this, I’m sorry if my extensive bundling-up process held you up) and walked two buildings down to Human Biology. I haven’t had a class this big for awhile, and some people may be wondering why I’m taking a 100-level science class, but that will be explained in a little bit. This class was rather uneventful, which was totally fine by me. Syllabus days aren’t usually meant to be exciting.

By the time that class let out at 11, I was starving. I had eaten a mediocre bowl of oats with just almond butter, and I couldn’t finish it all because I realized I need something sweet with the almond butter like bananas and/or honey mixed in as well. Lunch was courtesy of the sorority house cook, Karen: grilled cheese, carrot sticks and some cottage cheese. I attempted to get started reading for biology, but the Food Network and my Food Network-watching buddy sounded more appealing. We watched Paula Deen fry¬†plantains, tacos and ice cream, and Giada be annoying while she wrapped fruit and noodles in rice paper. Halfway through Giada, I had to bundle up yet again to go to my last class of the day, Criminal Justice. One of my sorority sisters is in that class with me, and we sat together and marveled at the fact that this was the first professor we’d ever had with a lip ring.

The class got out an hour early, so after bundling up yet again, I walked to the building where the College of Arts & Sciences is and changed my major.

Yep. Ye olde j-school and I have parted ways. And that, my friends, is the “big news” I’ve been keeping from this corner of the interwebz. I realize it’s probably a much bigger deal to me than any of my readers, and I’m sorry if you were expecting something like, “I won the lottery!” or “I’m engaged!” (ha). I made the decision to change about a month ago, and I dropped all of my journalism classes and added classes to go towards my new major/minor: sociology/psychology.

I could go into a huge spiel about why I changed, but what it comes down to is the fact that I just wasn’t happy with journalism anymore. I could no longer see myself doing anything involving journalism, and I realized that sociology fit me much better. My entire family and several of my friends know, but now the mysterious readers of my blog (if there are any – reveal yourselves!) know, too.

So, that’s that. I should still be able to graduate on time. At the most, I’ll be in Athens one extra quarter, which I don’t think I’d mind too much. I would love to be able to graduate with all my friends, though. I need 14 more hours of science (blah), so that’s why I’m taking biology. I’m going to try to take anthropology classes for the rest of my science credits, but bio was the only one I could get into when I rescheduled everything mid-December.

After that, I placed the traditional first day of class (and the not-so-traditional “I officially changed my major!”) call to Dad and then scraped the continuously accumulating snow off of my car to make a trip to Walmart to stock up on food since my breakfast was so lacking this morning. As per usual, I walked out with more than I intended, and, because I was ravenous, ripped into my peanut butter pretzel Clif Mojo as soon as I got in the car. This was my first time trying it, and definitely not my last. I absolutely love the combination of peanut butter and pretzels. I wish I had bought more than one.

I wish I could say that after unpacking my food I read for biology, but I just went into the sitting room and caught up with friends before dinner. After spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and chocolate pudding, however, I knocked out the assigned reading and watched some people I lived with freshman year on the local nightly news. The Real World: DC followed that, and now South Park is playing in the background as I write this. I’ve got sorority meetings in 15 minutes, and after that I’ll shower and probably crash, as I’ve got to be up at 7:45 again tomorrow. And the next day…and the next day. Friday I get to sleep in a little bit, as I’ve only got biology at 10. Oh, did I mention that this is what the next few days look like weather-wise?

not a fan

I guess it could be worse, but I just don’t like winter very much.

I’m in such a good mood after today. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m really excited for my new major/minor.


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