All things good

24 Jan

Week three of winter quarter had its ups and downs, but mostly it was good. Instead of talking about the things that didn’t go so well this week, I’ll focus on the positive. Lately I’ve been really trying hard to do this:

I’m not really sure where this sign came from; my mom gave it to me several years ago and it’s followed me since then. I tend to focus on the first part more than the second, though. Some days you do just need to get over, but most shouldn’t be like that.

I feel so strange writing things like this because I definitely haven’t always been so happy-go-lucky – I know I mentioned this a few posts ago.

Anyway, like I said, this week has had its ups. First of all, Little is the favors chair for our chapter, which means she designs all of our apparel. This week two of her designs came in. While there was a mishap with one of the designs, the one we were able to pick up was adorable:

How freaking cute is that? I wore it to class yesterday and I kept looking down at it…my prof probably thought I was nodding off, and normally that might be the case (it is biology, after all), but yesterday I had caffeine. I just really like the shirt.

Thursday I met with my advisor, who was actually my Classes & Inequality prof last quarter. I am so glad I was able to get her as my advisor, because she was one of the best professors I’ve had at OU. We went through my entire DARS (basically a list of all the classes I’ve taken and everything I still need to take) and added everything up to make sure I will still be able to graduate on time. As long as I take at least 15 hours a quarter and a class or two this summer, it looks like I will be graduating in June 2011 as I originally planned.

Yesterday I went to my only class, biology. We have our first test next Tuesday and only about half the class showed up, so the professor was piiiiiiissed. I know it’s a class mostly geared for freshmen non-bio majors, but I seriously feel like she thinks we’re fourteen sometimes. Ugh. Anyway, I had brunch at the house to look forward to. After stuffing myself full of french toast sticks, hashbrowns and cinnamon rolls, I went up to Little’s room to hang out with her and MGM for a bit. I got a text from roomie saying a package had arrived for me. I went  downstairs to my room to find a small box on my desk. I wondered if I had ordered something and forgotten about it, because that’s happened before. Little and MGM told me to take the box back up to their room before I opened it. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I opened the box and saw a little blue box inside. THE little blue box. After screaming a little bit, out of habit, I opened the card first before opening the box, and the card said,

“Wish I could be there this weekend. Love, Dad”

I seriously almost cried.  This weekend is Dads’ Weekend and my dad couldn’t make it down. I was so surprised to get this in the mail because my dad is not at all the spending-money-on-jewelry type, believe me – I’ve tried to drop hints to him from my mom before. Needless to say, I love it, although I wish he could be here this weekend.

Today I slept in because a) it’s the weekend and b) I’ve had a sore throat since yesterday. After showering and getting Pita Pit for lunch, Little and I went to Donkey to study for a couple of hours. I knocked out all of the bio I had planned, so to celebrate we went to Chipotle. We tried to watch Rent after that, but apparently my DVD is scratched or something because it kept skipping, so we decided to go in the sitting room, and we’ve been there ever since. Other people have joined us, and since then we have watched some of the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, a quality Lifetime movie, and now, House. It’s been a very relaxing weekend, which I don’t mind at all because I do have a lot of studying to do and I may or may not be getting sick (WebMD suspects it’s cancer).

Week four I have two tests (bio and criminal justice), but all of that will be over with by Wednesday afternoon. I hope something exciting happens to me (in a good way) so I’ll have something fun to blog about. Not that this entry wasn’t full of things that I think are exciting, but…I don’t know. You know what I mean. At least I’ll pretend you do.


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