The official Groundhog Day post

2 Feb

You know I’m bad at coming up with post titles when I name this the “official Groundhog Day post”. Just go with it. I don’t even know if the groundhog saw his shadow. I don’t know what that means. Whatever.

This post comes to you from the famous red sitting room couch.

Okay, maybe it’s not famous. But it’s big and comfy, and a hell of a lot more attractive than THE big comfy couch.

I have set up camp here for two reasons:

  1. I never really woke up at all today, even with a bottle of a Starbuck’s vanilla frappucino this morning and a caramel latte this afternoon. I’ve been going going going (pausing for Paula) since 9 am, and I just need to veg for a bit before I do anything else.
  2. Karen made butter with a side of noodles and butter with a hint of potatoes for dinner. Oh, and pork chops, but obviously I didn’t eat those. I didn’t even like pork chops when I ate meat. Anyway, needless to say, the ol’ digestive system is having a little trouble. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s the truth. I think I’ll be eating salad and my own food for awhile to give the tum a break.

I’m not sure there’s much of a point to this post, to be completely honest, but let’s be real: is there usually a point? I did want to write a post, though, for two reasons (here comes the numbered list again. I’m a big fan of lists):

  1. Writing isn’t a chore to me anymore like it was for awhile. I developed a love for writing very early on, and I always figured I would go to college to study something writing-intensive. Once I got to college, however, I began to dread my writing assignments. Last year I learned in Psych 101 that when you make someone do something they love, it becomes a chore to them, and they lose interest. That definitely happened to me, and I experienced bouts of writer’s block that frustrated me beyond belief. Switching majors was what I needed to make me want to write again. Obviously, I’ve had to and will continue to have to write  in my major, but not as much as and not under the same pressure I had as a journalism major. It’s a relief, and writing to me has once again become a relaxing activity.
  2. I wanted to write one last post on this laptop before my new one arrives later this week. My MacBook is my favorite toy, and I’ve had it for a long time now. Alas, it has seen better days. The battery is shot, I have barely an ounce of memory, and it has lived a fulfilling life. I’m getting another MacBook, but this one is 4 years newer with more memory and a bigger hard drive. I am patiently (ha, me? Patient? Lies.) awaiting the newbie’s arrival from China. According to Apple, it has not shipped, but I’m choosing to ignore that and pretend it has.

Wow, I’m almost at 500 words and I don’t even feel like I’ve really “gotten into” this post yet. I tend to ramble nonsensically and by the time I’m done doing that, I forget what I wanted to say in the first place. I’m not really sure what I wanted to say, though, so here are some random things that are going through my head right now, for your entertainment. Or disapproval. You pick.

  • There is a growing spot of what we assume to be water growing on the carpet in the hallway where I live. I just listened to several people speculate the cause, and I’m glad I’m too lazy to get up, because my theory would probably just cause rolling eyes. I don’t claim to know more than a 7-year-old about Shakespeare, but it reminds me of what I think was Macbeth (I Cliffs-Noted everything in junior year English because I strongly disliked  a good chunk of ancient Brit Lit and MySpace was more important to me then – yeah, I know) when Lady Macbeth (yes?) was like, “Out! Out damn spot!” or something? That makes me sound ridiculously stupid and the fact that I’m too lazy to Google it is really sad. But, anyway (maybe I’ll actually read it someday), back to my point. Maybe it’s a deal like it was in Macbeth and we’re all just hallucinating because it’s winter quarter and we’re all stir crazy and the spot isn’t even there. But, really, it’s probably just a plumbing issue and my imagination is just wack.
  • Being a sociology major for almost a month now (crazzzzy) has caused me to look at nearly everything in a different light, and I’m thinking about things I never thought I would think about. Instead of thinking about getting sources for an article and stressing out about talking to them, I am thinking about the relationship between police officers and the general public, Hispanic Americans and their adjustment to life in the United States, genetic diseases, types of muscle…it’s all so random but it’s honestly so refreshing. Obviously, it’s not all the time that I think about this. But when I do, it’s not stressful. I’m not worried anymore. I know I’m sounding like a broken record with all this “I’m so happy/life is so great/rainbows/unicorns/bunnies” stuff, but after being so, honestly, depressed about life, dreading everything, worrying constantly…it’s a huge weight off of my shoulders.
  • impatient and hungry will hopefully be getting a makeover soon! Clare – one of my sorority sisters and my Food Network-watching buddy – is also a fabulous artist and is designing a header. I have given her pretty much complete creative control, so I’m really, really excited to see what she comes up with.

I’ve vegged for long enough now. Time to go study for psych. Next time you hear from me I will probably be on my new laptop 🙂


One Response to “The official Groundhog Day post”

  1. Nancy 02/03/2010 at 1:25 pm #

    LOVED this post. This is the LIzzie I knew was hiding under the terrified journalism major all the time. If I’ve learned anything in life about “what you want to be when you grow up” it’s this––don’t confine yourself to labels. It sounds trite and overused, but I’ve spent much of my younger days thinking I either had to do write or be an artist. I didn’t even remotely entertain the idea that I could do both. But, here I am in a field where I am working with both elements, writing and graphic design. And this is based upon a career that started in the early 80s, so just imagine what possibilities are out there for someone your age starting on a career. I guess what I’m saying is this….write your own ticket, the world IS, to some degree, you oyster.
    I never understood groundhog day either. It’s right up there with religion, I suppose. If a large, beady eyed rodent has the ability to A) notice or care that there is or is not a dark area on the ground next to its body and B) suppose that it as a shadow and C)suppose that s/he can differentiate itSELF from everything else and not just an extension of its identity and, this is the big one, F)suppose that a self can influence its surroundings and the actions brought upon itself, thereby making it possible to control on an Earth-sized scale the principles of heat transfer, energy transformation and the properties of a specific liquid (in this case water) under various temperatures, then hey, is it too hard to believe that snakes can talk?

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