10 Feb

Let’s be real.

Yesterday was not my day. It was such a cliché “bad day”. I woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave for the first part of my psych exam. I blanked on the exam, fell in the ice on the way out, and cried from stress while on the phone in front of people. Embarrassing. Apparently I also injured myself when I fell because last night I wasn’t able to move my neck and had to sit with a heating pad (thank you, Lauren) for four hours and take a steaming hot shower before I was able to comfortably move it again.

However, there were things that made it good, even if they were small.  My dad was able to calm me down enough so that I could walk into my next class mostly dry-eyed.  I also used my Donkey card for the 10th time, so the next time I go I’ll get a free coffee 🙂

Today has been much better, even though I hoped it would be a snow day because I definitely ice skated to class this morning in single-digit temps. The second part of my psych exam was easier, and I didn’t fall, and, even though I’m not such a big fan of Starbucks anymore (it’s on the way to the psych building), the girl who made my caramel latte this morning was cheery and nice baristas/baristos (?) always make me happy. I admire anyone who can at least pretend to be in a wonderful mood before 10 am.

So, in honor of today being a better day, I’ve decided to share with you five things that I happen to like right now. I’ve seen this on other blogs, and while I’ve always liked the idea, I’ve never really thought that people would care what I like right now. It doesn’t matter to me if anyone cares, anymore, though. Even if I’m the only person who ever reads this, it will be fun to look back on a year or five from now. So, without further ado:

1. Bean Boots

I used to think these were funny looking, but now I’m kind of starting to dig them. T has rocked them on her blog several times, and I think these would be perfect for the kind of weather we’re having right now (which is, for the record, ridiculous and not safe to walk on bricks in). I have several pairs of boots that serve me just fine, but I do like looking 🙂

2. This song. Catchy. The parents are probably wondering why I listen to what they would probably deem “garbage”, but I would like to assure them that my musical interests go far beyond Young Money and Weezy.

3. Baby elephants.

I think this actually started during winter break. I don’t know why, but I just think a baby elephant would be the coolest pet. The above image is currently my desktop background.

4. The fact that I have something to look forward to every weekend until the end of the quarter.

This weekend – Easton with Little, MGM, and maybe some others

Next weekend – Sibs Weekend! Vic will be visiting me 🙂

Weekend after that – Jer Coons concert and sorority formal

Weekend after that – Secret!

Weekend after that (well, Thursday) – Ingrid Michaelson

Weekend after that – HOME!

5. The prospect of someday traveling abroad.

When I was 10 months old, I went to Paris with my parents for three weeks. Of course, I don’t remember it and haven’t left the country since. This isn’t by choice, though. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and my wanderlust has increased tenfold within the past year or so. A lot of people I know are currently studying in various locales around Europe (and one in Mexico), and while I won’t have time or money to study abroad during my undergrad years, I’m hoping to leave the country at some point within the next five years. I don’t care where I go (except, like, Moldova), I just want to go somewhere.

I am using the rest of the night to relax and catch up on The Office and Greek. Tomorrow I start studying for yet another exam (bio next Tuesday), but I feel like I deserve a break.

Please don’t fall like I did yesterday and hurt your neck. In fact, I hope you all are able to stay inside if you can help it.

Want. Spring. Now.


One Response to “Five”

  1. Nancy 02/11/2010 at 10:08 am #

    Me again. If you had no other boots, I would get you the LLBean ones because you could use them the rest of your life. They are like the original winter boots. But you are well stocked, as you know. OK, enough of the mom lecture.

    I’ve forwarded this latest post to Lori. I think she will enjoy reading your blogs.

    On the coffee front, Drug Mart is carrying these little packets of coffee not unlike what you would find in a hotel…you know, the kind you just dump in the pot and you don’t have to measure? They come in flavors, which I find helps reduce the desire to sweeten the coffee, though lord knows what chemicals they use to mimic the flavors. Anyway, the brand is Arbuckle…..yes, I know.

    I had an elephant fixation when I was 7 or 8. Hmmm.

    I want the season to change too. Either that, or a snow so deep that I couldn’t go to work.

    As always, delightful post, Lizzie.

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