February schmebruary

15 Feb

Well, today is Valentine’s Day.

I don’t have much to say about that except that I don’t really love it or hate it. To me, it’s just another day and I feel like if you love someone, you should celebrate it on a daily basis.

However, I’m glad I was able to communicate in some way with most of the people I love today. Ugh, sorry that rhymed. That annoys me.

Anyway, yesterday I got out of Athens for the day with Little, MGM and K, another sorority sister. We went to Easton, which was a clusterfxck, as always.

—-Hold up. I just have to talk about this for a second. I just ate a Babybel mini, which is normally my absolute favorite cheese (I used to ask my mom to get the “round cheeses” from the grocery store). Well, I just found out that a single piece of that holy cheese has 160 mg of sodium (I don’t know if that’s a lot…it sounds like a lot) and now the entire aftertaste is salty and it feels like it’s seeping into my gums and ugggh. I feel so disgusting now. I know that might seem like eating disorder talk (which I can assure you I have thankfully never and hopefully will never have), but I seriously just have the strangest feeling now.


So, we went to Easton and I got a formal dress. It’s magenta and fabulous. Pictures will come in a few weeks after I actually wear it. We then went over to the OSU campus and got to meet some of MGM’s friends who are in our sorority’s chapter there. They were so nice and gave us a tour of their house which was gorgeous. After a (too) quick stop at Urban Outfitters and dinner at Panera, we drove back to Athens, watched a bit of the Olympics, and Moulin Rouge! It was my first time seeing the movie, and I was blown away. It seriously might be in my top five favorites. I really like movies that take place around the turn of the century. The Prestige, The Illusionist, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (well, part of it). Movies that take place in France are also fantastic. Amélie, Les Choristes, Jean de Fleurette… Plus, it was a musical. It combined three elements of movies that I love. I couldn’t not like it.

Anyway, this is kind of sad, but my life has become very routine. On weekdays, I wake up at 7:45, go to psych, go  to bio, come home, eat lunch, maybe watch Food Network. If it’s Monday or Wednesday, I go to class at 1, if it’s Tuesday or Thursday, I go to Donkey and do work and go to class from 3-5. At 5 I eat dinner, and then usually do homework and putz around the interwebz, take a shower, and go to bed around 12 or 1. Some routine in life is nice for me, but this I’m not so keen on. I know it’s winter quarter and this is normal and whatnot, and, as I mentioned in my last post, I have stuff to look forward to every weekend until the end of the quarter. I don’t know…I’m just ready for some excitement, you know? I feel like when my life gets in a rut, my writing gets in a rut, therefore making this blog boring. Maybe it was boring before, but now I feel like it’s worse. I know several ways that I can change that, and I’m going to start going to yoga and pilates again. (Why does my computer not recognize “pilates” as a word?) I’m hoping that will help, but I don’t know. I think what I really need is just an entire change of pace, and I know spring quarter will definitely bring that. It’s just a matter of trucking through these last few weeks, looking forward to the weekends, and trying to do things that make me happy. I’m not saying I’m not happy anymore like I have been, I think this is just normal winter blah. February has never been my favorite.

Maybe an opportunity to write about something exciting will present itself. If not, I’m sure I’ll be writing again soon. Another snow storm is coming. That could be exciting.

Or hellacious.

Give me spring. *

*I realize that I ended my last post with something similar, and I will end every post like this if it means it will happen sooner!


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