…and I just can’t hide it

17 Feb

…okay, I never claimed to be good at titling blog posts.

I don’t really have a whole lot to report since yesterday, but I wanted to share some things I’m excited about right now:

  • I scheduled my classes for spring quarter yesterday, and overall I’m pretty happy with my schedule. I have one Friday class from 9-10, but after that the day is wide open for spring quarter “activities”: i.e. fighting for a spot on the triangle-shaped patch of grass out front to veg in the sun, going on walks on the bike path, finding someone with a yard big enough for a slip-n-slide, perhaps…anyway, I’m taking:

SOC 467 Violence Against Women

PSY 332 Abnormal Psychology

ENG 306J Women & Writing (taught by the awesome Women’s & Gender Studies prof I had spring quarter sophomore year, and C is in the class with me!)

MATH 113 College Algebra (okay, so I suck at math and I have to take this before I take stats because I bombed my math placement exam at orientation. Don’t hate.)

Well, that’s 17 hours, which is pretty standard fare. I’m just excited for sunshine and going outside without slipping and falling on my derriere. And sandals. Every day I pull on my snowboots, I can practically hear my Rainbows, Chacos and Old Navy rubber flip flops crying from neglect.

  • I can feel the yoga I did yesterday. One of my favorite parts of any type of workout is feeling it the next day. Even if it’s painful, to me, it is a good pain. Today, I feel it most in between my shoulder blades, which means my back got a good workout. I hurt my back junior year of high school playing tennis, and it’s been kind of wonky ever since. Stretching it out always feels good.
  • Walmart is expanding their organic section (or maybe I’m just now noticing it). I found some EnviroKidz bars and picked up the peanut butter kind (partially because of the panda on the front) and the berry kind. I’m excited to try them 🙂 Next time I go grocery shopping I won’t totally blow them off when I want to get my organic food. I’ll probably still end up making a trip to Kroger, though.
  • Vic is coming to visit this weekend for Sibs Weekend! We’ll probably grab Jimmy John’s for dinner as per usual, and Saturday I’m taking her to breakfast at the Village Bakery, somewhere I’ve heard is good and always wanted to try. I’m not sure what she wants to do during the day, but at night she mentioned going to see some people play music at Donkey. She’s really into the local music thing, so this is right up her alley.

Well, I’ve got a test tomorrow in Race & Ethnic Relations. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but after that I get to help J set up her new MacBook and then I’m going to see Shutter Island (fo’ free) with MGM!


One Response to “…and I just can’t hide it”

  1. Nancymom 02/18/2010 at 11:20 am #

    I bet the per capita viewing of Shutter Island is greater in your town than anywhere else on the planet. Whatcha think? Every time I see the promo for it I think of my beloved Ridges (yes, I said beloved….yes, I know, and have come to expect it). I am so glad that you’re liking yoga these days. I really think it will open up a whole new world for you. Oh, that may sound dramatic and all, but I really believe it. Yoga is SO much more than just stretching and exercising your physical body, but you’re probably beginning to see that already, grasshoppa.

    I know that Vic is looking forward to coming down to be with Sissie. I also know she will have a good time. I will be interested to see what kind of photography she brings back. I have in mind she could do a really cool photo essay on a number of things from life in a sorority house, bikes and their owners, backpacks and their owners, trees, Donkey (of course, but probably too intrusive on the clients), red brick (omg, the things you could do with THAT!) Hocking River, and, of course my beloved Ridges. Ok, I’ll stop this vein.

    I think your courses for spring look interesting. You know, I saw this Algebra for Dummies book, well I think it was a book and a CD actually, and I think I might get it next time I get a good Borders coupon. I’ve always felt, what?….inferior?…stupid?…flighty? because I just never GOT algebra. And honestly, I didn’t WANT to get algebra. I just didn’t like the idea that there could only be one answer to a problem. That just seems so narrow-minded somehow. Anyway, now that I’ve got a few (no, a lot!) of years under my belt, both life and career, I honestly can see how knowing algebra would be a valuable thing. Not that I can explain it very well, but there have been multiple times when I’ve encountered either a problem or a question or simply a wonderment of some sort, and I’ve thought “Hmmm, I bet this could be solved by an algebraic equation.” So-o-o, Lizzie, it could very well be that while you’re taking algebra, I will be too, in a sense. What fun!!!

    Ok, well, as always, love your posts and will stay tuned to WLIZ for more.

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