I’m just sayin’…

19 Feb

…otherwise known as: impatient & hungry’s first-ever product review!

Yesterday I woke up, which is what you are supposed to do if you would like to have a successful day. Step one, accomplished. It was difficult, though, because for some reason or another my neighbors were singing Disney songs until the wee hours of the morn. Another story for another time.

Anyway, after I sleepily went about my morning routine, I opened my fridge to grab one of the bottled vanilla Frappucinos I usually drink in the morning. Much to my dismay, I discovered that they were all gone. Not to worry, I thought, there were two cans of something else that would wake me up: Starbucks vanilla DoubleShot Energy + Coffee with guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins.


I could barely muster a few sips of this…concoction. It was much too sweet and artificial-tasting, which has led me to the conclusion that energy drinks and coffee drinks should never partner up. Ever. It left a horrible taste in my mouth as I ate my blueberry bagel and drank my milk, not to mention I had no time to grab a coffee before class, so it was all I could do not to nod off during psych and bio.

Now, I’m sure this next part probably has nothing to do with the fact that I only had a few sips of the DoubleShot, but I’m going to share it anyway because in the off-chance that there is a correlation, I want everyone to be warned.

After bio let out at 11, I started feeling hungry. This is usually normal for me, but it was the nauseous kind of hungry, which has happened to me before and has not yielded pleasing results. I knew I was hungry – starving, really – but absolutely nothing sounded appetizing to me. I had a huge glass of water and was able to eat a few carrots and a banana for lunch, but it actually just made me feel worse. On top of that, I was starting to feel extremely weak and sleepy. I had a test at 3, so I decided to go to Donkey to study  and see if anything there looked good. I was hoping they would have cranberry muffins, but their “special” muffin yesterday was strawberry cinnamon. I ended up ordering a blueberry muffin and no coffee, and tried to get to work. I took a bite of the muffin, opened my book, and could not focus at all. I think I dozed off for a few minutes, so I tried to eat more of the muffin, but it just wasn’t sitting well with me. All of a sudden, I was freezing, so I put on my coat and my scarf and tried to read some more and look over my notes. Around 2:30, I decided to just go over to the building where my class was and study a little bit more in there since there’s not a class in the room before ours. Walking there felt like a huge task, and I was utterly exhausted by the time I sat down. One of my classmates took one look at me and said I looked really pale, and maybe I should ask the professor if I could reschedule the exam. I went next door to his office, but he was meeting with another student. While I was waiting, I started feeling sweaty and feverish, and I think I must have looked bad, because he told me to go home and rest and to email him to set up a time to make up the exam.

Relieved but still feeling horrible, I walked home as quickly as I could manage, because at that point all I wanted to do was crash. I slept for 3 hours solid and woke up feeling slightly better, but still sick. C and my Little came in to keep me company for a long time, and made me tea and toast. I talked to the parents for a bit, and went back to bed around 10:30. When I woke up this morning at 9, I was feeling much better, but I didn’t eat anything right away. After biology I ate some French toast, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns and those seemed to sit well with me. I just ate an Amy’s burrito, so hopefully things are back to normal. I feel a lot better, and I hope that’s  here to stay because Vic will be here in a few hours and I’d hate to be sick while she’s here.

Anyway, Little People Big World is on. Always a gem.


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