Shalom, y’all.

22 Feb

(title supplied by MGM)

An incredible sense of peace has overcome me.

On a Monday, believe it or not.

It’s the beginning of week 8, a week that, last quarter, was a week of seemingly insurmountable stress, full of deadlines and boring reading (sorry, Making Friends With Hitler isn’t exactly my idea of a good read).

This week isn’t void of any of that (I have two tests and a quiz), but I’m at a different place in my life now and doing things I actually want to do, so it’s not so bad. This isn’t to say I haven’t called my mom and complained (hint: I have), but I’m able to sort of see past that now. One vent session, and I’m okay. It wasn’t always that way. By the way, I promise a better explanation of my overall general happiness is coming sometime next month. It’s something I’ve been planning for awhile – and I don’t really “plan” posts – so hopefully that will bring some clarity to readers who might be feeling in the dark.

Anyway, back to this “peace”. I don’t know. I’m just sitting in the big chair in the sitting room with three other people in my sorority. Millionaire Matchmaker is on TV, and two girls are napping. Steady sleep breathing (not to be confused with snoring…unfortunately I know that sound all too well after hearing  it pretty much every night for years – sorry, Mom and Dad) has always been kind of a “calming” noise for me, and even though it’s cold and rainy outside, it’s warmer than it has been and it almost doesn’t feel like Monday anymore.

That’s all. Have a good week, whatever you’re doing 🙂

Also, read this.


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