Spring/sprang/sprung break/broke/broken

23 Mar


Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve acquired a very small but very loyal following and I’m so happy to be writing again. Although a huge reason why I write is for myself, it’s obviously nice to have other people read (and hopefully enjoy) what I write.

I’m finally on spring break. Although this winter quarter was better than winter quarters past, it was still winter quarter and inevitably had more downs than ups. I’m just glad I made it through. I enjoy the idea of four distinct seasons, but Ohio winters are just a little too harsh for my liking. Not good for my body or my mind.

I finished my winter quarter at approximately 8:40 am Friday (NO MORE BIO!) and since then I have:

  • gotten my fair share of retail therapy…highlights below:
spring jacket with the softest pockets ever

the most comfortable black flats...on sale. Yay-uh.

  • experienced the magic that is Yagööt.
  • saw this handsome man play a show and had the opportunity to meet him.
  • eaten foods that do not send me into near cardiac arrest (including cheese and chive scrambled eggs courtesy of Little’s mom).
  • slept in until noonish in my own big bed that does not require tree-climbing skillz to get into
  • accidentally become addicted to Skins, which is like a British, R-rated version of Degrassi.
  • debated which book(s) to read. I left Athens with the intention of finally reading this one, but then picked up this one at Barnes & Noble on the way home, and then my mom recommended this one, and my dad recommended this one. Jeez. All of them appeal to me, but there’s no way I can read them all in a week. I’ve made dents in the one I picked up on Friday and in my mom’s recommendation, and I really enjoy both so far. I hope I can finish them by the time I head back to Athens, because I never have time to read for pleasure at school and it kind of really sucks.

Anyway, that is my life as of right now, and I’m pretty happy about it. I go back to Athens on Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited for spring quarter. It’s like 11 weeks of Christmas.

Although I missed writing, I really needed this break from blogging to sort of motor through the last bit of winter quarter and regroup. This week will be spent doing more relaxing and reading and obsessively watching as much Skins as I can (I could be addicted to worse, so don’t hate). I’m looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule of blogging, even if nothing exciting happens to me as I always hope it will.

One last thing – you’ll notice my theme is different, and I’d like to credit the photograph to Vic. She took that picture of one of our breakfasts when she came to visit, and I found it fitting until I get a more personalized layout.

Alright. Time to go bother my dog or eat my weight in these. Decisions, decisions.

Currently Listening: Soul Singer in a Session Band – Bright Eyes


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