23 Apr

…hahaha, I’m so clever.


Nothing majorly interesting happened today, but I felt like blogging, and since it’s my blog and I can do what I want, I don’t really have to justify that :p

Oh, but it is Earth Day! Happy Earth Day!

My alarm went off at 7:50 as usual but I didn’t roll out of bed until about 8:15. Maybe next year it will be easier for me to wake up since I know I won’t have to climb down from a shaky metal loft? Ehh…doubtful.

Math was math…we have our biweekly exam tomorrow morning, so we mostly just reviewed for that. I ran out of creamer this morning so my coffee didn’t taste right to me. Instead of keeping myself awake by taking a sip every few minutes, I counted how many people the Indian graduate student professor asked to do a problem on the board before someone actually agreed. I feel so bad for him because so many students take advantage of him since he is pretty lenient and if someone doesn’t want to do a problem on the board, he doesn’t make them. So many people treat him like he is the scum of the Earth and it makes me so angry.


I had a nice four-hour break afterwards. I didn’t have English today since we’re meeting in small groups with the professor to go over our papers and my meeting was yesterday. I used the first third of this break to study for my exam eat lunch. I seriously can’t wait until this summer and next year when I’ll have full control over what I eat and I can make it myself!

The rest of my break was spent looking at new blogs. Some days I just get so amazed by all the fantastic blogs out there and I just keep browsing and browsing. At 2, I should have gone to abnormal psych, but on Thursdays we just listen to podcasts and then over the weekend we write responses. The professor puts the link to the podcast online before the class, so a lot of people just don’t come to class. Instead, I stayed in my comfy chair in the nook and listened to what we would have in class today, which was actually two separate This American Life excerpts about OCD. I love This American Life, and these excerpts did not disappoint.

From 3 to 5, I was in the library studying because I had to proctor study hours for my sorority. I got a lot done, and it makes me really happy that I finally understand algebra so much better the second time around. I walked over to the gym afterwards for a 5:30 core class, which, unfortunately, wasn’t my favorite. I’ve gone to core several times before and really enjoyed the workout I’ve gotten, but after doing pilates and yoga for my workouts lately, core just seemed awkward. I was much too aware of the other people in the class and some of the exercises seriously made me feel like I was going to throw up. I know that’s part of the point, but I just feel so much better doing pilates and yoga. Core was not the right workout for me to do this week with everything that’s going on.

I did sport this shirt during the class, though, which I bought for $7 yesterday at the student center.

Take Back The Night is a movement I’ve become much more aware of since I’ve been taking my Violence Against Women class for my major this quarter. There was a march tonight that I really wanted to go to, but I had a meeting scheduled during that time. I figured I could still show my support without going. The colors are pretty sweet, too.

After showering, eating, meeting, and more studying, I’m finally winding down with Little, MGM, and one of the new members we’ve befriended. A legitimate name for her will be thought of soon. We’re watching Dirty Dancing (one of my favorites) and I’m drinking another Steaz flavor:

tastes like key lime pie!

(haha I just realized you can see our new friend in the mirror)

I’ve decided I really like Steaz. I tried the peach awhile back, which I really liked. Blueberry pomegranate was next, and I don’t think I would recommend it because it tasted like washer fluid or something. The lime pomegranate restored my faith, though, and I think I’ve found one of my new favorite drinks.

Well, this post took me legitimately 2 hours to write because I’ve been getting (willingly and pleasantly) distracted, but I think it’s probably time to go to bed. I’m going home again this weekend after my test tomorrow, and tomorrow’s Friday so that means that SLDTW is back!


One Response to “Thearthday”

  1. Nancy 04/25/2010 at 8:36 am #

    This Steaz. Sounds interesting, though probably sugarful. Whole Foods would have it?

    Take Back the Night. Ah,yes. I remember when that slogan came out many moons ago.

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