Just another Thursday

29 Apr

I’m currently nursing the tail end of a massive heartburn and the middle of a sudden, random headache. The heartburn is due to Karen’s infamous taco night, which I took a little too much advantage of. Tonight there were also churros – which certainly didn’t help. Luckily my trusty Pepcid Complete came to the rescue and the ‘burn is almost gone. But now there’s a headache that came out of absolutely nowhere! I swear, I cannot wait for this summer. I have so many plans for myself, all of which I’ll be sharing on here soon. None of them involve large amounts of Mexican food!

Things are slowly but surely getting better around here. While it’s frustrating to see people at semester schools starting their summer vacations, I’m glad I still have some of my favorite parts of the quarter left to look forward to. This weekend, for example!

This upcoming weekend is probably my favorite weekend of the year: Moms’ Weekend. My mom is rolling into town tomorrow around lunchtime, and I am so excited to spend a whole weekend with her. We always have so much fun together, and this year will be no different. I’m especially excited because this year a lot of the stuff we have planned revolves around FOOD! Tomorrow we’ll probably go to lunch at Casa Nueva, an organic Mexican restaurant that my mom has always wanted to try. I know I said I was done with Mexican for awhile, but this is totally different because everything is fresh 😀

Saturday morning we’re eating at the Village Bakery with C and her mom and then heading to the ATHENS FARMERS MARKET!!!!  Believe it or not, I have never, ever been to a farmers market even though I’ve been in Athens for most of the year for almost 3 years, and even though there’s one in my hometown. I am so so so so so SO excited. Saturday evening a group of us are going to Purple Chopstix for dinner, which is another place I’ve never been.

In between eating, it’s safe to say some retail therapy will occur. My mom also wants to see these guys sing, so that should be fun as well. This weekend will be exactly what I need after this week.

Not that it’s been an awful week. It’s actually been a lot better compared to weeks past. I’ve spent a lot of time studying this week, though, so tonight I’m taking a break and watching Because I Said So with some of my sorority sisters. Tomorrow I have an hour of class, after which I’ll try to knock out some more studying for my psych midterm Monday. Before I know it, mi madre will be here 🙂


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