The freakin’ weekend where I had me some fun

2 May

This weekend was the best time I’ve had at OU all quarter. It was wonderful, and I have the pictures (mostly of food) to prove it.

Moms Weekend is a big deal at OU, at least for my mom and me. It’s undoubtedly my favorite weekend of the year, and my mom comes down as early as she possibly can for the weekend and stays until the last possible second on Sunday. Usually, Moms Weekend runs into Greek Week, which starts on Sunday in early afternoon with the opening games. The games were postponed due to torrential downpours, so Mom got to stay a few extra hours.

She rolled into town around 1:30 Friday and we unloaded her car and headed straight for Casa! It was my mom’s first experience and I think it’s safe to say that it definitely wasn’t her last. We started out with chips and guac:

I could eat that guac by the spoonful

For our entrees, madre ordered the King Quesadilla and I chose the Spring Salad with blueberry vinaigrette.

Polished that off in record time

The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing the shops uptown. Mom made friends with one of the salespeople, of course. She can make a connection anywhere she goes! After napping for a bit, we went to Bagel Street Deli (no pictures, lo sient0) and enjoyed our dinner on the courthouse steps – undeniably the best place in Athens for people-watching, our favorite sport.

Afterwards we walked around campus a bit and enjoyed the glorious weather. I love Athens in the spring. When we got back to the house, clothes were changed, a movie was watched, and sleep was…slept?

Saturday began with a 9:30ish wake up call and breakfast with C and her mom at The Village Bakery. Even though it was a little overcast, we ate outside. I had a lemon yogurt cookie, a maple pecan (if I remember correctly) tart, and iced green tea.

the cookie was obviously was the tart

Next stop: FARMERS MARKET! I want to live there. Mom graciously bought me some tea, spinach empanadas (eaten for dinner tonight – scrumptious), apples, and honey-puffed spelt. I’m excited to try some of the spelt for breakfast tomorrow – the woman who sold it to us said it’s packed with protein.

After loading up the car with our goods, we headed home and rested a bit, and then Mom and I went to the concert I mentioned in my last post. The Women’s Chorale also performed, and three girls from my sorority are in it, so it was really cool to see them sing. There was a pottery sale going on near the auditorium, so we stopped by that and mom picked up a few things. We walked around uptown a bit and then headed back to change for dinner at Purple Chopstix.

I think I have found THE graduation restaurant for next year. It was so tasty. I had the veggie pesto pasta, and I cleaned my plate.

look at that beaut

We were seated in a separate room from everyone since our group was so big. Here’s the most colorful photo I’ve ever seen:

disregard the excessive vino, there was definitely a ton left over!

On the drive home, we encountered a rainbow!

note the scenic construction in the foreground

Charlie’s Angels was the movie of choice for the night, and C and her mom were nice enough to provide us with root beer floats. Unfortunately, I fell asleep fairly early on and was woken up by Mom several times informing me of something I thought I would never do…

SNORE! I’m over it now, but last night I was thoroughly embarrassed. I know how annoying snoring can be, and I felt so bad about it. I have since accepted it as hereditary and a simple fact of life.

This morning was my sorority’s brunch and silent auction, so we enjoyed that for a bit and then headed uptown for coffee at Donkey (really, where else would we go?). We browsed the shops uptown again (I’m not complaining) and I got some Havaianas that I’m sure will see a lot of wear.

Comfort is first and foremost when trying on shoes. Cuteness ensures I'll buy them.

After a stop at the bookstore to pick up some things, we headed back home and then I took Mom for a leg of my “calming” drive because Athens and the surrounding area reminds her of where she spent her summers growing up. When we got back home, it was time for her to go. We packed up her car and said our goodbyes, and I headed back to Donkey for a long study session.

This weekend was everything I needed, and while it was sad to see Mom go, I think it definitely refueled me for what’s to come. Five and a half weeks til summer 🙂


2 Responses to “The freakin’ weekend where I had me some fun”

  1. Nancy 05/03/2010 at 11:23 am #

    I had a splendiforous time. Great pics, especially the Purple Chopstix. You left out B.P. Richfield part of Saturday night’s festivities though! I shall take a picture of him so that you may include it on your next post.
    Thanks for showing Mummy such a brilliant time!


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