Busting out my inner yogi: journey to a better me, day 1

14 Jun

So, today began my “journey to a better me”. It started out like any other day. I didn’t roll out of bed until noon (I am working on becoming more of a morning person, I swear. Tomorrow I’ll get up at 11, then 10…you get the picture. Also, I hope that works). I went up to campus to take some placement tests because none of my foreign language or math credits transferred, which is mildly irritating… but there’s nothing I can do so I’m just sucking it up and hoping that maybe this will be the class in which I finally understand math. A Starbizzle (sorry, I know adding -izzle to the end of words is very 2004 but my fingers just happened to type it so I’m rolling with it) stop was made afterwards, then led to checking my vitals (e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader), and watching yet another French film (I’ve been on a kick lately – no shame). After all of that happened, it was time for yoga.

Unfortunately at my new school, although I am a student, I still have to pre-register and pay for all of the fitness classes offered at the rec center. I can use the weights, treadmills, pool, etc. for free, but if I want to take a yoga or spinning class, I have to shell out some cash. I am not used to this. At OU, all you needed was your student ID and Ping was your oyster. Oh, and if you’re taking fewer than 9 hours of class during the summer, you have to pay more money. I paid that because I plan to take advantage of the weight machines, but the all the instructional stuff I figured I could do in the privacy of my own home  fo’ free. So that’s what I did this afternoon.

I started out with a DVD I bought during winter break on Amazon for next to nothing called Yoga for Inflexible People. I bought it because I can’t even do a cartwheel (sad, I know),  so I figured the poses wouldn’t be anything I couldn’t handle. I started out with some shoulder and hip workouts, and I found that a bunch of them required a chair. No. Sorry. I knew I could get a perfectly good yoga session in with just my trusty green mat. Besides, none of the chairs we have in my house would have worked. For some reason, we don’t really have any “regular” chairs. They’re all upholstered or have wheels or something. Plus, while we’re critiquing this DVD, I would just like to say that the music sounded like something straight out of a soap opera and the instructor’s voice reminded me of the narrator to a book on tape I used to listen to all the time as a kid about a girl who goes to the zoo. Ah-nnoying.  So, instead of quitting right there, I went to YogaDownload and did the free 20 minute “Yoga for Strength #1” with Jackie Casal. This was much more my speed. It flowed better and provided a real challenge without overworking me. Most importantly, it reminded me of the yoga classes offered at OU, which were the ones that really got me interested. 20 minute free videos from Yoga Download are my new favorite thing, I’ve decided. Next time, I’ll probably do two so I get a longer workout. I might go back to the DVD because there were some exercises that looked interesting, but I don’t know how long I can stand that woman’s voice.

Tomorrow is the real test, though. I’m going to run. Oh, dear, this will be interesting. Blogging about my experience will definitely happen, though, so keep your eyes peeled.

PS – I just realized this post is very parenthetical. I don’t really know why that would bother anyone, but if it does, I’m sorry. Maybe I just really like parentheses?


One Response to “Busting out my inner yogi: journey to a better me, day 1”

  1. Nancy 06/15/2010 at 10:33 am #

    I’ve alway been a big fan of parentheses myself. I think it sort of comes with the Oh-Look-A-Chicken! territory. If one has a multitude of thoughts all occurring at nearly the same moment, parentheses are our BFFs. Yes.

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