Going with the flow

17 Jun

Hi, friends.

Some cool things have happened since my last post. Let’s start from the very beginning  – a very good place to start. (Seriously, how many people have used that as an opener for a post? My lack of originality is really appealing, I know).

Yesterday morning, as planned, I went with my dad to the campus rec center to work out. We warmed up on the stationary bikes for five minutes, then made our way through most of the weight machines. Shoulders, arms, legs, hips. I’m pretty sure not a muscle was ignored. Today I’m sufficiently sore. Guess that’s what you get for totally blastin’ your pecs. (Okay, I don’t think I totally blasted them, I’ve just always wanted to use that expression in a sentence. Judge me all you want.)

After showering and cleaning up around the house a bit, MGM arrived! I only saw her a week ago, but I was used to seeing her every day, so you can imagine how completely lost I was without her 😉 I showed her around town and campus a little bit and then we ate lunch at a deli downtown that I hadn’t been to since going veg two years ago. I was a little nervous that I would have to get a pita bread pizza (tasty but not really what I was going for), but luckily they had a veggie sub that satisfied the ol’ taste buds. After picking up some Starbucks, we headed back home only to leave again to go water plants with my sister and her friend. Vic and I are watering plants for one of my mom’s friends while she’s out of town for two weeks. She lives on a private lake and has granted us the use of her paddleboat. MGM and I soaked up rays on the dock while the young ones paddled around for a bit.

so cute but so posed

the happy paddlers

After that fun was had, it was time to get ready for more fun: the Ingrid Michaelson concert! My mom took a crazy amount of pictures of us because it was actually Vic’s first concert! D’awwww.

taking off

Once we got there, we had some time to kill before the doors opened, so we decided to eat dinner at Zoup! None of us had ever been there before, but as you can probably tell from its name, this place specializes in soup. So we all got salads. It just wasn’t a soup kind of evening, I guess. I got the half Sonoma salad, which included “romaine, spring mix, gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, and roast almonds. Served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.” Ehhh. It was alright. The dressing’s consistency reminded me of Children’s Tylenol and kind of tasted like it, too. Very sweet. Ick.  We all agreed that our experience was just okay, nothing special.

After waiting in line for half an hour for the doors to open, we were IN! Of course, we had to wait another hour for the opener to come on, but there were plenty of people for people watching 😛 Around 8, Matt Morris took the stage.

He wore those shades for the first two songs

He had a wonderful voice and seemed genuinely happy to be there, but his lyrics left a lot to be desired and the music was pretty generic. I don’t think I would pay money for his music, unfortunately. That’s alright, though, because what came next made up for that!


Funny story: what she’s holding is actually a balloon version of herself. Someone in the audience was a balloon artist and passed it up after she finished her first song.

I loved her dress

The concert was phenomenal, although MGM and I thought she seemed more worn out than she did when we saw her in March. Not surprising, at all, though, since she’s been touring almost non stop since before then. Her stage presence was still wonderful – she was hilarious and really knows how to command and include an audience. This show was also being taped for a DVD, and the camera swung over the audience quite a bit. We were pretty close to the front, so maybe this could be the doorway to stardom I’ve been searching for all my life 😉

The show was over around 11, and we arrived home around midnight totally exhausted. We had been standing for about 5 hours straight! Plus, I was wearing wedges. While they put me at about 6 feet and matched my outfit perfectly, they were not meant to be stood in for that length of time. I’m pretty sure I could hear my feet scream by the end of the night.

This morning we did not open our eyes until almost 11, and coffee and breakfast sounded like a good idea. We headed to a little place downtown and got that taken care of. My food bloggie self is still a little shy in public when it comes to taking pictures, but I’m hoping to overcome that this summer.

After swapping some music with MGM, she headed home, and I lazed about. I know I said I had planned to go running today, but I’m actually using today as my rest day this week instead of Sunday. After standing for so long last night, running was just not going to happen. I’d rather have a better run tomorrow after resting than pushing my body to do something that might not be such a good idea for the sake of sticking to the schedule. Just going with the flow, people.  Instead, tomorrow I’ll begin my second day of the Couch to 5k Running Plan. I’m nervous, but as I said, it’s (hopefully) never going to be as scary as the first day, and one of the hardest parts is just getting out the door…


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  1. Clarissa 06/18/2010 at 12:12 am #

    I love your shoes! and Vic’s hat! miss you 🙂

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