Ten things

8 Jul

I wasn’t originally going to write a post tonight, but after seeing my Twitter and NewsFeed clogged with updates about LeBron James leaving the Cavs for the Heat, I felt it was necessary.

Let me start out by saying that professional sports fail to impress me. I can respect and sometimes appreciate high school and some college (Memphis Tigers basketball- the games are super fun) sports  because I like to think love for the game is the driving force and I fully endorse physical activity, but after that I feel it’s largely about money. Too much money, in my opinion.

The social media updates got me to thinking: what would the world be like if people got this into other issues? I decided to browse the BBC website, a major news source for not just Britain but also many other countries, for ten stories about things more tragic and harmful than an overpaid athlete switching teams.

Before I start, let it be known that I am in no way affiliated with BBC. I just like that they provide more of an international viewpoint and the sports and celebrity gossip are almost nonexistent. I do not mean to belittle anyone who enjoys these things; I’m just trying to provide some perspective.

Without further ado, here are ten things more tragic/harmful than LeBron James leaving the Cavs.

  1. Cameroon denies homosexuals face persecution.
  2. Fresh Iraq bombings hit Shia pilgrims in Baghdad
  3. Police officer convicted in California subway shooting
  4. 7/7 victim’s remarkable healing (this one is actually a positive story, but I wanted to include it because yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the London bombings – which were indubitably extremely harmful and tragic)
  5. Malaria: a major global killer
  6. Colombia hit by powerful floods
  7. Aid agencies ‘stretched to limit’ in Haiti
  8. Tunisia to jail sick journalist
  9. Bus driver shoots Cairo workers
  10. Heatwave causes power cuts in eastern US and Canada (might seem petty but if you read the article you’ll see that the heat has caused two deaths…LeBron leaving Cleveland didn’t kill anyone)

I’m sorry if this post seemed pessimistic but I really wanted to put into perspective how small this is and get the word out about other things that are happening that might have been overlooked lately. Maybe that’s why I originally wanted to go into journalism. It’s not for me anymore, but I still believe in reporting the real issues.

Happier posts will resume within the next day or two!


2 Responses to “Ten things”

  1. Paurav 07/09/2010 at 2:46 am #

    So I swear I’m not creeping – upon clicking the notification of your response on your own status on Facebook, it took me to your profile, where my eyes caught the “wordpress.com” part of a link you have listed. Being a fellow WordPress user, I felt inquisitive enough to click the link. Sorry about that – not talking to you for years and then repeatedly commenting on your stuff is a bit odd, but I couldn’t resist commenting on this article – what you said here is so dead-on.

  2. Nancy 07/09/2010 at 8:25 am #

    My sentiments exactly. As I drove into work this morning listening to NPR, the story on the 40 Pakistanis killed yesterday lasted the length of the exit ramp. The LeBron story that followed was still going strong some two miles later (35 mph) when I pulled into the parking lot of my office. And we wonder why people will pay over $100 for a pair of basketball shoes….

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