Goodbye corn, hello sweat

11 Jul

Okay, that is a really lame and kind of gross title, but as I have said before, I lack title-creating abilities.

This post comes to you in two parts. Number one:

It seems that I have a bit of an allergy to corn. I mentioned how I’ve been feeling like poo lately and my mom suggested that I might have a corn allergy. My dad has been making corn on the cob a lot lately, so that could have really irritated it. I decided to cut corn out of my diet for a week to see how I felt. This is my fourth corn-free day and I have to say I feel 100% better.

As the picture suggests, corn is in a lot of foods. Not only have I been avoiding anything with corn kernels in it, I’ve also been skipping foods with corn starch and [high fructose] corn syrup, and fried foods since many are fried in corn oil. It means reading the label on pretty much everything I eat that comes in a box, can, jar, or bottle, but it’s worth it. The stuff that has some form of corn in it usually isn’t very good for me anyway. It’ll definitely be an adjustment living a corn-free lifestyle (I do love me some cornbread and kettle corn), but if it means feeling well, it’s worth it.

Part two: whatever I was doing before was not yoga. If it was, it was, like, kiddie yoga or something. Let me explain.

Yesterday, A texted me and asked if I would like to go to a 4:30 pm class at Yoga Lounge. I looked it up online and it said it was a power vinyasa yoga. I recently did a power vinyasa DVD led  by this guy and really enjoyed it, so I figured why the hell not.

So, we arrived a few minutes early and the instructor introduced herself to us and started class and things were going well, minus when everybody went “ohm” (I’m not a big “ohm” fan and may or may not have stifled a giggle) and the fact that the studio was sweltering and I do not remember reading anything in the class description about this being a “hot” class (aren’t they supposed to tell you?) . Anyway, about 15 or 20 minutes into the class (this is a very rough estimate as I have a horrible concept of time) I noticed some sweat trickling down my arm while I was in downward dog.

*NOTE: this is where it gets a little gross so if you can’t deal with “sweat talk” I don’t recommend you read any further*

“Okay,” I thought. “This is good. I’m getting a workout.”

Ten-ish more minutes pass and sweat is literally cascading down my entire body, coming from places I did not know it existed, soaking my mat and making my hands slip. I didn’t think to bring a towel because I never broke enough of a sweat in the classes I took at OU to need one. I am not lying when I say I have never produced so much sweat in my entire life. But, as I said, I guess whatever I was doing before wasn’t yoga. The class was described as being suitable for “all levels” but some of the poses (coughcoughcrowheadstandhandstandcoughcough) were far beyond my realm of strength and flexibility. Needless to say, it was an excellent workout and I was as slimy as a swamp creature by the end. A enjoyed it as well and sufficiently described it as “intense”.

However, we probably will not be returning regularly, mostly due to the price. Although we both got student discounts, it was still more than we would like to pay regularly for classes when there are opportunities closer to us and less expensive. A girl’s gotta live, and spending all of her money on yoga unfortunately can’t happen on a regular basis.

We cooled down with some iced teas from Caribou and then had dinner at a little Mediterranean restaurant back in town. It was exactly what I needed to refuel before washing the swamp creature slime off back home.

In other news, my room is painted and mostly redecorated! I have to wait a little while to hang things up on the walls, so once that’s done I’ll have pictures. It is so much more relaxing now and I’m so glad to finally feel at home in my own room!


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