Just because

12 Jul

I always feel bad when I have pictureless posts, and this time is no exception. Maybe it’s because I live with a baller photographer and I feel strange posting pictures from my point and shoot knowing that I don’t possess half of my sister’s skills. My little camera has treated me very well during its 2.5 year lifespan, though, so I figure I should embrace that and begin using it more. Next post I will have visual stimulation, I promise.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this post, but I feel that you don’t always need a reason to blog. Sometimes you just feel like it. So, this is a “just because” post.

I’m currently Facebook chatting with one of my friends who has been studying abroad in Tanzania (exotic!) since March. She comes home soon, though, and I am so excited to see her. She’s one of my OU friends, and I would love to see her before I make a trip down there in October. I really missed not having her around during spring quarter because she is one of the sweetest people I know and her optimism is contagious. But I know she’s having a great time. Just look at this:

I guess I lied when I said this post wouldn't have any pictures. But, monkeys!

Today my dad and I were walking Lena and my dad mentioned the new public health program at the university I’ll be attending (I actually start a summer session class next Monday…that crept up on me), and we agreed it sounded like something I might want to look into. I browsed the website and noticed they have a certificate program comprised of six classes. It seems like it would be beneficial, so I think I’m going to pursue that along with my psychology major. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but because of the way my credits from OU transferred, I’ll actually take about another year to graduate than I had originally anticipated. With summer classes, I’m pretty sure I can fit in the certificate requirement. I really feel like it will be worth it. So, that’s kind of exciting, right? Sometimes I get really pumped about school…if that’s nerdy then I don’t mind.

Tomorrow I am going to get my horizontal license. In Ohio, you have a vertical driver’s license until you are 21, and you can renew your license and get a horizontal one within 30 days of your 21st birthday. Today is July 12. My birthday is August 12. Guess what I am doing tomorrow. I think I might be more excited to have a picture in which I don’t look like an overexcited 12-year-old than I am to use it to purchase alcohol.

Finally, excuse my French when I say I need to get my ass in gear and work out more. I said at the beginning of this summer that I would be making a conscious effort to do so and while I work out more than I did last summer, it’s still not as much as I would like. I’ve been taking more rest days than I planned just out of sheer laziness and I don’t want to do that anymore.Today C and I were texting and she asked me how running was going and I sheepishly replied that I haven’t been running much lately. Tomorrow I am doing some weight training with my dad, though. My arms too closely resemble sticks, and I need strong arms if I ever want to achieve crow pose. Wednesday will be more yoga, and Thursday I am venturing several hours southeast for a trip during which I expect I’ll be walking a lot. More on that later.

And so that concludes my “just because” post. Have a wonderful rest of your Monday 🙂


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