A weekend in the District, Part I

19 Jul

I returned yesterday from a fantastic long weekend in Washington, D.C. visiting my friend Laura. I decided to split my recap post into two parts (Thursday night & Friday/Saturday & Sunday morning) so I don’t overwhelm myself or, more importantly, you.

I set off Thursday morning around 10 and arrived at Laura’s around 5, approximately $15.70 poorer. I think Pennsylvania makes up for the money it loses not taxing clothes by charging outrageous toll fees.

Anyway. I dropped my stuff off at Laura’s apartment and then we ventured out to find something to eat. We decided upon Spices, an Asian restaurant. We were seated right away and very shortly after our orders were taken, our food arrived. Laura had chicken Pad Thai and I had the Rainbow Salad, which had papaya, mango, red cabbage, crispy tofu, roasted peanuts, walnuts and mint. It was reallllly flavorful and crunchy and all around a fabulous first meal in DC.

I was able to eat most of this with the chopsticks before resigning to a fork when I got closer to the bottom.

Afterwards we walked a few doors down to an organic market so Laura could pick up some food for her apartment. It was pretty tiny but had a LOT of really great looking food. I wish I had taken a picture. Then we decided we wanted dessert. Luckily we were just down the street from Yogiberry, a frozen yogurt place. We both had the green tea yogurt and I topped mine with strawberries and granola. Neither of us had ever had green tea yogurt before, but we both loved it. Very tangy and unique!

The true grammarian/spelling freak in both of us came out when we spotted this little gem:

What is butterscoth?

When we returned to Laura’s place, both of us were pretty tired so we decided to watch National Treasure and Laura made snarky  (and very funny) comments about the inaccuracy of the movie. I chimed in whenever I saw fit. Laura and I tend to have a lot of similar opinions, so that was a fun time. Shortly after the movie ended we went to sleep.

Around 5 a.m. I awoke to everything shaking. Being in a half-asleep state, I naturally assumed that Washington was under attack and buried myself under my blanket for protection and promptly drifted back to sleep. When I woke up, the first thing Laura said to me was, “We slept through an earthquake!” Sure enough, the “attack” was actually the earth’s plates shifting to the tune of 3.6. This was (I think) the third earthquake I have consciously experienced, the first one being when I was about 9 and the second when I was 17. There was a 5.0 earthquake in Ohio in June and while I was awake, I was totally oblivious.

Anyway, enough science.

After I told Laura that, in fact, I had not slept through the quake, we got ready and headed to Firehook Bakery for breakfast. Laura recommended anything on one of their croissants, so I ordered an egg and cheese croissant and iced coffee.

Yum. This did not disappoint. The croissants at Firehook are huge, but I ate the entire thing because it really doesn’t get much better than bread, eggs, and cheese.

After that we headed to the nearest Metro stop and then down one of the longest escalators of my life to the actual platform. We rode the Metro several stops to downtown and I have to say I was really glad to be on solid ground again. Not that it was a rough ride, I was just a first-timer and therefore got slightly nauseous and my ears popped a lot. This is something I eventually got used to, though, no worries.

We visited the place Laura interns (I don’t want to say where because I don’t want anything strange I might write here to be connected to her internship, if that makes sense), and that was really fun. It was scorching outside, so we grabbed some water before hopping on the Metro again to visit the Newseum. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. Even though journalism really isn’t for me anymore, it was still awesome to be in a museum devoted to it. One of the cool things the Newseum does is post the front pages of a newspaper from every state, and it changes every day. The day we were there the Akron Beacon Journal ‘s front page from that day was displayed. My family actually used to get the ABJ, so of course I had to take a picture with it.

We spent a few hours wandering around the museum and there was never a dull moment. This was seriously the most interactive museum that wasn’t a science museum that I’ve ever been to and it was great. But eventually hunger struck so we decided to eat at the Food Section, the museum’s food court. We both had the salad bar.

I do not even want to talk about how much this cost, but let me just tell you it was outrageous. It was a decent meal, but very, very few things are worth that price tag and this was not one of them.

We begrudgingly stepped out into the almost triple-digit heat to walk down to the Natural History Museum.  We spent a bit of time in there and then decided to go next door to the American History Museum. I’d been before when I was 15 but a few new things had been added since 2005, including Julia Child’s kitchen!

With a kitchen like that, you don't really need anything else

We weren’t really sure what to do after the American History Museum. We knew we wanted to see The Kids Are Alright, but the first show wasn’t playing for awhile. Frozen yogurt sounded good, so with the help of Laura’s trusty Blackberry we were able to find a place near the theater that was self-serve and boasted 16 flavors. After another Metro ride, we walked to FroZenYo on F Street. I unfortunately didn’t take a picture here because my camera was buried under a bunch of other stuff in my bag and I was too excited to get it out. I got banana and vanilla yogurt topped with strawberries and pineapple. It was really tasty and reaffirmed my belief that Ohio needs more frozen yogurt places.

We then got our tickets to the movie and, since we had some time to kill, decided to browse some of the stores in the area. We walked around American Apparel, H&M and Zara for a bit and then headed back to the theater.

Regardless of your stance on gay rights and whatnot, this movie is worth seeing. It’s got a unique plot, not to mention it was hilarious with great acting. I’m fairly sure Laura felt the same way.

After the movie we caught the Metro back to Laura’s neighborhood and called it a night.

This is the end of Part I. Stay tuned for Part II!


2 Responses to “A weekend in the District, Part I”

  1. laura 07/19/2010 at 9:08 pm #

    i love this post! also in retrospect, we did waaaay more than i thought. so much walking and eating, i loved it. (also i got spices’ pad thai again for dinner tonight! and if it wouldn’t have been raining i would’ve gone to yogiberry because srsly).

  2. laura 07/19/2010 at 9:26 pm #

    also we really should have contested the price of your lunch at the newseum; i’ve spent way too much time thinking about it today and i’m fairly certain the lady just punched a wrong button. no way was yours more expensive than mine.

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