I’m no Julia Child…

26 Jul

…but maybe I’ll be half as good someday.

Being back in Ohio after being in DC for a few days was strange. I started my summer class last Monday (very boring but very easy) and sort of fell into a funk. This usually happens after I visit somewhere exciting.

This time, however, I was determined not to let that funk last so long and started to think of something to which I could look forward besides my 21st birthday (17 days, by the way). I decided I would start making more of an effort to cook real meals, and that I would start this week.


Well, my mom and sister happen to be visiting family in Tennessee. My dad and I had to stay behind because of our respective commitments to education (haha doesn’t that sound a bit snobby?). Coincidentally, my dad is the least pickiest in my family when it comes to food, meaning he doesn’t dislike very many foods and doesn’t really have any dietary restrictions. He is also, thankfully, very open to my vegetarianism and doesn’t mind not eating meat for dinner this week. A perfect guinea pig for this embarrassingly amateur cook.

Last week I pored over my cookbooks and searched online for a variety of recipes that were both vegetarian as well as quick and easy to make without being too boring. Tonight I debuted my week of dinner with a recipe I found on Cookthink: Black bean burritos with carrots, zucchini and cilantro. As you can see, it didn’t involve an obscene amount of ingredients, which is great for someone who still gets overwhelmed in the kitchen despite how much I love food.

I’ll go ahead and confess that my dad did help a lot with this because I can barely scramble eggs (blush), but the important thing is that I’m learning – well, that’s my dad’s logic and I’m just going to go along with it.

After a lesson in proper chopping techniques, the burrito filling was happily sautéing.


And eventually, with the help of the oven, this happened!

clearly my burrito-wrapping skills are not quite on par with those who work at Chipotle

We split the dish and each had two.

food in the foreground, magazines in the background - a snapshot of two things in life I love

topped with plain 0% Fage

Usually I put yogurt or sour cream on Mexican food to neutralize the spice, but to be honest this didn’t need it. It was nice to have its cool contrast, but there wasn’t much kick. That’s not to say these weren’t tasty, because they really were. I loved the combination of the black beans and zucchini. Next time I think I’d add more spice besides just cumin and coriander, as well as a few more vegetables. My dad seemed to like them, too, but he topped his with yogurt, salsa and hot sauce. In the end I’d say this was pretty successful because the food didn’t burn and neither did the house, more importantly. I’ll probably make this again, but with the moderations I mentioned earlier.

After this digests I’m going to roll out my mat and do some yoga and probably do some work with my new friend, pink medicine ball. Back tomorrow with Tuesday’s dinner results!


One Response to “I’m no Julia Child…”

  1. Nancy 07/27/2010 at 8:49 am #

    Looks delish!!

    Kudos, grasshoppa!!!

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